North Georgia QRP Club - NoGa

We Have A "Clean Sweep" 7/02/2015

During the July 4th (June 30 - July 5) week this year NoGa will be trying to work and confirm all 13 states and 2 special event stations for:

13 Colonies Special Event - 2015

Using the Club's Call Sign - NO4GA

at QRP power levels to achieve the certificate below....!!!!

NoGa wants to give the low power QRP station a chance to get a 13 Colony States "Clean Sweep" endorsement on your certificate. We know the thrill of a QRP station breaking a pile up, but with 200+ QRO/and higher stations in a pile up, well, most of the times +/-5 watts just wont work.

If you want to help us do the clean sweep, use the callsign NO4GA for a contact with one or more of the special event stations and let know which ones you have worked, providing full "log details" (time, date, freq, mode in addition to your callsign and the state you worked) to me for posting.  After the event, we'll send off for QSLs and the certificate.

In order to find out where the 13 Colonies stations are operating, suggest you use and in the DX field type K2 which will only show K2 stations.  The K2x stations will be obvious from the list that appears.

Some states have a designated QRP operator and we'd encourage each of you to work the QRP stations using your own callsign and earn the certificate at the QRP level.  W4QO is the QRP op for GA, by the way.   

Complete Information at:

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