October 8, 2011.

NoGa is fortunate to have many talented members and this event began with the publishing of an article in QST about the history of the Vibroplex Semi Automatic Telegraph Key which was made for a short time in Norcross, Georgia at the beginning of the 20th century. Our fine member, Brian Page - N4TRB, was the author of this article. (See QST, Feb. 2009, pp 58-59 "A Lost Dit of Vibroplex History")

Norcross is home to quite a few hams who (like many hams) have lunch together from time to time. At a number of these luncheons the subject of the "Norcross Vibroplex" kept coming up and finally someone suggested that a special event be put together to commemorate the fact that the Vibroplex Key was manufacturered in Norcross by the United Electric Corporation. Brian produced a beautiful set of posters, a qsl card and certificate, a special event call sign , N4V, and a comprehensive slide show presentation for the event. The city of Norcross provided a venue and snacks as well as two other historians who spoke on Norcross history.

Assisting in putting this event together were Norm, WA4ZXV, Bill, WB4WTN, Dick, K2UFT, Mike, ND4V, Pickett, AD4S and special thanks to Fred, KT5X, for having the courage to loan us his Norcross Vibroplex for this event.

Here is an excerpt from Brian's presentation:

" In the early years of the 20th Century, two Georgia boys, one a telegrapher turned inventor and the other a telegrapher turned financier, teamed up to bring industrial manufacturing to the little town of Norcross, Georgia. The inventor was Horace G. Martin and the Wall Street wonder kid was Edward F. “Buck” Buchanan.

As a result of their partnership, the world famous Vibroplex semi-automatic manual keyer was manufactured by Buchanan’s United Electrical Manufacturing Company in Norcross next to the railroad track and train depot where “Buck” had gotten his start as an orphan boy years before. Unfortunately, Buchanan’s financial empire was wiped out in the crash of 1908 and United Electrical Manufacturing closed its doors. Today the Norcross bugs are amongst the rarest of vintage Vibroplex keyers."

Many thanks to Andy, KD4UKW, for these fine pictures..!

More pictures from Jeff, AB4HF at: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.10150321777336682&type=1

Check out Brian's website for this event at: http://n4trb.com/N4V.htm

Click on any of the small pictures below to see a slide show.

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