15 Intrepid NoGaNauts gathered at Pickett, AD4S' to build the KI6J End Fed Half Wave (EFHW-Sota) QRP Antenna Tuner. This event was sponsored by Phil, W3HZZ, who was good enough to get a volume price from Stu and added antenna wire and a camping clothes line reel to the mix. Everyone received two 33' lengths of wire and some soldered them together so they could work both 40 and 20 meters. Everyone had to wind a toroid transformer and strip the enamel wire. This was great training for any future QRP building projects.

Building was interrupted for lunch nearby at Gunters BBQ. The smell of BBQ and melting solder really inspired everyone. Phil did the final check out and Pickett and Phil provided assistance so that everyone was able to depart with a working antenna tuner.

Interestingly enough one of the stations that Pickett worked during Field Day using the tuner was Stu, KI6J, himself. It was Pickett's only 15 meter contact during Field Day.

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