"Fields Landing" Lake Alatoona, Georgia


Thanks to Walt, W0RON, for organizing and being the "spark plug" for this event.


Instead of a 24 hour "all night" radiothon, this was a perfect QRP event that started with a great lunch (including KI4GHT's incredible weinies) so that everyone had plenty of energy for the afternoon.


It rained before we started and it rained while we were operating but the pavilion and gazebo at the park served us well.  A good time was had by all.


Click on any of the small pictures below to see a slide show..!

dsc_0917_small.jpg dsc_0918_small.jpg dsc_0919_small.jpg dsc_0920_small.jpg dsc_0921_small.jpg dsc_0922_small.jpg dsc_0923_small.jpg
dsc_0924_small.jpg dsc_0925_small.jpg dsc_0926_small.jpg dsc_0927_small.jpg dsc_0928_small.jpg dsc_0929_small.jpg dsc_0930_small.jpg
dsc_0931_small.jpg dsc_0932_small.jpg dsc_0933_small.jpg dsc_0934_small.jpg dsc_0935_small.jpg dsc_0936_small.jpg dsc_0937_small.jpg


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