North Georgia QRP Club - NoGa

Alford Memorial/Stone Mountain/Lawrenceville Hamfest - 2003

Downright hot weather but a nice clear blue sky on Saturday.  Here are some pictures that member Wey, K8EAB took.  If anyone else has pictures, send them to me and I will put them up on the web site.

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Pickett, AD4S

We got the great corner spot again.  Show and tell on the side and NoGa products on the front isle.  Steve, AA4BW busy marking up some of his goods.

Phil, K4QPC, talking to Ken, W4DU.. where are all the customers..?  Steve watching the money belt.

Phil's AT-Sprint.  Incredibly small transceiver by Steve Weber, KD1JV.  5 watts, 3 bands.

Small Wonder Labs Rockmite.  I don't know who belongs to this or what band but they all look alike.

NoGa's famous PiG demonstrator.  All of the function of the power side and the keyer can be demonstrated here.

The famous Doug Demaw, W1FB's, Tuna Tin 2.  I don't know who belongs to the 300 miliwatt, 40 meter transmitter.

Mike Branca's famous Twin Tube 80 transmitter right out of the NoGa Compendium.   We really missed Mike today; our first hamfest without him.

Our WW2 member, Russ, AE4NY's Vectronics transceiver in a "G.I. Joe" lunchbox.

Phil and Ken working a crowd of 1.

The Carters, Bill, KG4FXG and Sharon, KG4HKO.  Check out the "cool" T-Shirts.

Ken, Phil and Russ.  Russ just found out that he had to work another shift.

Center stage is Les Shattuck, K44NK.  A well known  QRP person  and ARRL official from SC.

Les talking to Mike, KO4WX.  Russ is working the "show and tell" crowd.


Mike, KO4WX's new Elecraft KX1.  3 bands, 4 watts, internal auto tuner and battery pack.

The boys at Elecraft have done it again.

These 2 guys have a serious look.  Russ is about to snag a looker while Mike   zeroes in on a new qrp prospect.

The KX1 serial number 73.. wow.. too bad it wasn't 72.  NoGaNaught, Joe, W4JHR, has number 29.

Jack, K5FSE, displaying his "Station in a Bag".. K1, Whiterook, antenna.   Good job Jack.

We don't know how the AMRC folks did it but we have never seen isle this wide.

One of NoGa's founding fathers, Jim, W4QO.   Have you ever seen this guy when he didn't have a smile on his face..?? 

Cute display of the Yaesu waterproof handheld.  I bet the signal has some "ripple" on it.

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