North Georgia QRP Club - NoGa

Atlanta Hamfest, June 7, 2003

Thanks to the Atlanta Radio Club for providing not one but two tables at their hamfest.  We were located in one of the exhibit buildings right by the door facing the main complex so we got a lot of traffic by our tables.  We used one table for NoGa products and one table for "show and tell".  We sold out of NoGa Compendiums at this event.  The review in the May QST of this year has kept a steady demand ever since then.

Thanks to Russ, AE4NY, for coordinating the coverage and thanks to the NoGaNaughts who took the time to man the booth.  We had lots of interest from all ages including a youngster of 11 (who had his license)  who's granfather got a NoGaWaTT for him to build.

Pickett, AD4S

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Joe, W4JHR and John, AB4GK working the crowd.  Thanks to Joe who stuck with the booth duty all day.

Thanks to Norm, WA4ZXV for the picture.

John, AB4GK, Joe, W4JHR and Phil, K4PQC.  Ed, N4XY is hiding behind John.  

Note the new NoGa Banner Stand.  Looked real nice and professional.

John, AB4GK, at the "Show and Tell" table.  It was like this most of the day.

Two NoGaNaughts caught desparately searching for bargains.  Mike, W3IRZ and Pickett, AD4S. 

Mike conducted a seminar on QRP activity early in the morning.

Thanks to Norm, WA4ZXV for the picture.

Ed, N4XY, Joe, W4JHR and Phil, K4PQC ready to "work the crowd".  The object with the light on it is the famous "PiG Demonstrator".

Maybe it is time to get a bigger banner now that we have a stand that can hold it up...?

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