North Georgia QRP Club - NoGa

Atlanta Hamfest - June 5, 2004

Perfect weather, good crowd, super NoGa group.  What more could you ask for..?

We got pictures of most of the good NoGaNauts that helped at the booth but we missed John, AB4GK, who took the dreaded "noon" shift.  Thanks also to Pickett, AD4S, Russ, AE4NY, Joe, W4JHR, Dick, K2UFT, Jack, K5FSE, Chuck, AF4PP and Steve, AA4BW for representing NoGa at the booth.  Special thanks to Russ (who headed up this event) and Joe for hanging around the booth most of the day so the rest of us could get out and look at all the goodies.  Steve, AA4BW, put on a really great QRP forum complete with slide show.

Thanks to Hamfest Chairman, John Talipsky, Jr., KA4VQH and his crew for putting on a great hamfest.  Thanks to Norm, WA4VXW and John, WB4GLJ for the pictures.  The pictures are in no particular order but we did get some of the first ones right in the beginning.

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Pickett, AD4S and Russ, AE4NY arriving early to set things up.

OK, OK Russ.. next time you can set this up by yourself....!!!

Steve,AA4BW, doing his QRP "Dog and Pony" show.

This was a good shot of a Wilderness Sierra.

Dr. Bob, AA4CX, getting a close up look at one of Steve's projects.

Small audience but high quality.

Steve is an accomplished presenter.

Dick K2UFT, Chuck, AF4PP and Joe, W4JHR

Steve's version of the famous Jim Kortge "2N2-40".  A complete transceiver using only 2N2222 transistors.

Guy, AF4MN, checking out some more of Steve's projects.

Jack, K5FSE, putting on the hard sell with the NoGa PiG deomonstrator.

Pickett, AD4S and Joe, W4JHR.

Chuck, AF4PP and Russ, AE4NY.

Dick, K2UFT, really a QRO DXer hiding out from his buddies at SEDX.

Pickett, AD4S, trying to find an easy way to describe a NoGa Guppy.

Still trying..!!

Everyone knows these guys.

Don't know why we had so many of these pix but they all wound up in the album.

We wanted to get our good member, Norm, WA4VXW, in one of the shots.

Someone was good enough to get us all at the same time.

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