The "Bubba" Camping Trip, September 27, 1999

By Scott Henderson Sikes, KD4MSR

Photos by James Daniel ("Dan" AKA "Les Watley"), AE4HS

Your fellow NoGA QRP Club un-indicted co-conspiritors, "Dan," AE4HS, "Ed," N4ALE, and I, KD4MSR, have been teaching a Novice and CW upgrade class Tuesday and Thursday nights for about nine weeks. We've got over 20 regular attendees. It's unbelievable we've got that many, and several are kids.
KE4OGD and N4ZRW We went back to Hawk Mountain (over 3,400 feet) on the Appalachian Trail West of Dahlonega, Georgia with about eight other hams. We planned to operate on 7.110 MHz, the Novice QRP Calling Frequency, with SLOW CW for our students Saturday afternoon, evening, and Sunday morning. We also planned to use 147.045 Watkinsville, GA, Repeater just outside Athens to stay in touch with families. And we definitely planned to be on 28.440 MHZ USB at 8pm Sat. night for our regular nightly "Bubba Net." We even thought about taking a SMiTe in an Altoids Tin for 80 meters.
We had a blast...Lots of good contacts! Rigs were DSW 40...Argo 509...Ten-Tec Scout. Bubba Camping Trip
N4ZRW,KB4DCB,KE4EOI,KE4OGD KD4MSR AND AE4HS The gang up on Hawk Mountain. N4ZRW, KB4DCB, KE4EOI, KE4OGD, KD4MSR and AE4HS. The rig being used is the DSW40 ...antenna MFJ folded dipole. This was the BUBBA CAMPING trip. Altitude was 3480 feet.
In photo, KD4MSR at the key, N4ZRA coping the code and KE4OGD standing by for his go at the key. N4ZRA, KD4MSR and KE4OGD