NoGa - North Georgia QRP Club

Field Day - 2001

NoGa returned to the scene of last year's successful Field Day at the farmstead of Dr. and Mrs. W. Newton Long.  The Long's live in Baltimore most of the year but spend their summer and fall here in Georgia.  We used their yard as our campground.   It is fenced to keep the cows out.

A total of 13 NoGaNaughts operated during the event.  Everyone who came made at least one contact.  We operated in class 4A - battery using 3 K2's, a K1 and a PSK20.  Laptops were used for logging and a Toshiba Libretto was used with the PSK31 station.  2 K2's were used exclusively on CW and the other was used mostly for phone but did some CW also.  Most all bands were used at one time or the other.  We also had a couple of FT-817's for the vhf/uhf station, a satellite station and a there was a 6 meter station using an MFJ rig.

This was not a rabid, high scoring event for us.  We wanted to enjoy ourselves, test some antennas and learn what we needed about emergency operations.   The weather was great; no rain and a cool breeze most of the time.   One of our operators, Peter,K3ZM  flew in from Charlottesville, Virginia just to operate with his long time friend, AD4J.

Thanks to Jim, AD4J, Rick, K4RAB, Paul, K4HCM and Mike, KO4WX for all the pictures.   I added some myself.  I weeded out many of the duplicates but didn't have time to arrange the albums in any order.

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Pickett, AD4S

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L to R - Pickett, AD4S, Jack, K5FSE, Russ, AE4NY, Mike, KO4WX, Jim, AD4J, Peter, K3ZM, Dick, K2UFT, Tom, K4TJD, Joe, W4JHR, Dan, KM2Z and Paul, K4HCM.  Missing is Jay, K4OGG.
Setting Up Operating Miscellaneous Loafing