North Georgia QRP Club - NoGa

Field Day - 2003

This Field Day was another whopping NoGa styled event success.  Intense enough to get the flavor of a real competitive activity and laid back enough to have a grand time.  Thanks to Wey, K8EAH, Rick, K4RAB and Pickett, AD4S for the pictures.  There were so many pictures that only some have captions.  There are duplicates from the 3 photogs but we left them all in.

The venue was again the 12 acre property of Joe, W4JHR, in Suwanee, Forsythe County, North of Atlanta.  We tend to get up under the trees just behind Joe's house but this year we put up a 500 foot loop in a small part of his back lot.  You really can't see just how big this property is in the pictures.  We began by setting up the antennas on Friday afternoon.   Several participants spent both Friday and Saturday night in their emergency quarters.

Joe and his wife Susan once again hosted a BBQ on Saturday night and it was worth coming out just to wade through the vittles.  A number of NoGaNaughts brought side dishes and others brought door prizes.

The operators who made the contacts were, Mike, KO4WX, Tom, K4TJD, Pickett, AD4S, John, AB4GK, Jack, K4FSE and Chuck, WA6LTV.  Joining in to help advise and kibitz over the 3 days were: Sam, AE4GX, Phil, K4PQC, Greg, KD4JVG, Russ, AE4NY (who spent Saturday night with us) and  Wey, K8EAB.  We were also visited by Susan, AF4FO and her better half, Mike, K4HBI who are ARRL dignitaries.  There was one other visitor but we can not find his name.   (If I missed anyone.. just holler.. Pickett).

We operated in class 3A, QRP, battery powered, solar charged.  The 3 primary stations were provided by:

1.   Jack, K5FSE with an FT-817 and a whole bunch of other stuff was our lone SSB station.  He had 2 antennas to choose from, a 20 meter loop and an all band doublet.  (We did set up a 6 meter station that made some SSB contacts)

2,  Tom, K4TJD with a K2 and a 500 foot loop for all bands.   This was primarily a 20 CW station but also was used on 15 and 40 at times.

3.  Pickett, AD4S with a K2 and a W3EDP long wire for all bands.   This was primarily a 40 meter CW station but also worked 20 meter CW when the other CW station was on 40 using the big loop.

We also set up Pickett's FD-817 for 6 meters with a quickly assembled dipole and made a few extra contacts.

The 2 CW stations logged on a wireless network with the AP set up in the camper.  The phone station also logged with a laptop but was not connected to the network.  Everyone used the N3FJP Field Day software and it worked great.

Pickett, AD4S

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Russ, AE4NY, handles the ARRL message from Joe, W4JHR.  Russ delivered the message to our personal ARRL representative, Mike, KO4WX.





P6280006.jpg  After last year's hurricane, Tom put a canopy over his screen tent.


P6280008.jpg  Pickett explaining the fine points of the K2's "Fast Play" buttons.


P6280010.jpg Pickett pointing out just how delicate a Palm Paddle really is.

P6280011.jpg Susan, AF4FO and Mike, K4HBI visiting the site.













P6280024.jpg  Jack's 20 meter loop.

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