NoGa- North Georgia QRP Club

FYBO - 2003


Saturday, February 22, 2003

Dooley's Lake Chateau

Lake Lanier, North Georgia


Only 2 things happened to detract from this fun event:

1.    It conflicted with the Dalton Hamfest

2.    The temperature was 70 degrees F. (doncha know it was 38 degrees the next morning..!)

Otherwise, FYBO 2003 was another smashing, fun, NoGaTiMe.

Thanks to Tom, K4TJD, for hosting this event this year.  Tom provided his deck at his lake chateau for our operating convenience.  A total of 5 intrepid, semi-serious contest oriented NoGaNaughts showed up to represent our sterling crew.

Our operators par excellance' were: Tom, K4TJD, Pickett, AD4S, John, AB4GK, Joe, W4JHR and Jack, K5FSE.  Everyone got a chance to operate (although we did not get started until 20:00 Z) and everyone made some contacts.   The gathering was concluded with a dinner of red beans and rice and "Real Andouille" sausage at the cottage of Pickett, AD4S which is right across the street from Tom.  (we are thinking of putting up a shared loop between the 2 cottages).

We used Tom's K2 at 5 watts powered by the internal battery which lasted the entire event.  Tom also provided his Code Warrior paddles and gave a demonstration on the correct installation of a W3EDP (the green wire) long wire antenna.  All contacts were made on 20 and 15 meter cw at 5 watts.  We used the club call sign of NQ4RP with the gracious permission of Trustee Ken, W4DU.

We only got a couple of pictures and they are below.  These are not thumbnails, they are the pictures.  As you will see, Tom, K4TJD,  was in his very scientific mode at this event.

Pickett, AD4S

Tom and Jack Tom, K4TJD, explains Einstein's "Theory of Relativity" to Jack, K5FSE.

After about 30 seconds, Jack said "I got it, I got it..!"

John and Joe John, AB4GK, monitored Joe, W4JHR, to be sure that all of the Joe's contacts were legit.

Note green wire antenna.

Joe and Tom Tom, K4TJD, always one to help increase a NoGaNaught's skill set, provides artificial qrm for Joe, W4JHR.

Actually, Tom was demonstrating Newton's "Law of Gravity"

The "dolphin" wind chimes at the lake were a nice touch..

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