North Georgia QRP Club - NoGa

FYBO - 2004

Freeze Your Buns Off

Thanks to the Arizona ScQRPions QRP Club for another great sprint.  NoGa had the temperature in their favor this year.  It was 38 F. when we started and 32 F. when we stopped and that is plenty cold for us Southerners.

A total of 11 NoGanauts braved the cold weather and 5 of them actually made contacts.  We were hosted by Tom, K4TJD and Joe, W4JHR at "Palicio de Roof".. Joe's 12 acres of amateur radio operating opportunity.  The wind was really howling at the beginning but calmed down toward the end.

According to my notes the following were present: Tom, K4TJD, Joe, W4JHR, Russ, AE4NY, Paul, K4HCM, Bob, AA4CX, Wey, K8EAB, George, WA4TNU, Pickett, AD4S, John, AB4GK  Norm, WA4ZXV and Jack, K5FSE.  If there was anyone else there, let me know.

Following the sprint, Joe served up some scrumptious chili while we all regaled each other with our unbelievable feats of operating legerdemain.  

I'm sorry that I did not get more pictures of all the folks and the chilifest but I spent most of my time operating, getting warm and eating.

Pickett, AD4S


Operating position.  K4TJD's K2 and battery power.  The antenna was a doublet at 25 ft on Joe's DK9SQ mast. You can see the ScQRPion paddle near the headphones.  AND "Matryoshka" who will be with us wherever we go.

Pickett, AD4S, hard at work.  Having been born in Montana, this event was right down his alley.

<====You can clearly see the temperature on the digital thermometer just to the left of the K2.

Bob, AA4CX, putting one in the log.  The wind was blowing about 15 mph and gusting higher so we put up a tarp to block the wind.  I can't imagine what the wind chill factor was.

Norm, WA4ZXV, made a number of contacts.  He was smart enough to bring his snowmobile suit.
Norm is our kind of a ham.  Not only does he have a TenTec PM-1, he also has a BC-610.

Also..   BC610H, BC610I, LA5KI, LA5KI#2, WB2FCN

Wey, K8EAB, put a number of contacts in the log.  He was all bundled up but being from West Virginia; the WX didn't faze him.  Please note... he was using the ScQRPion paddle.

Paul, K4HCM and Russ, AE4NY provided moral support from inside all afternoon.   Russ put on his Russian hat that he got in Moscow so he could "think" about operating in the cold.

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