North Georgia QRP Club

First Annual
Transmitter Building Day
Barbecue Lunch Extravaganza

November 10, 2001

On a bright and sunny Saturday in early November, 2001, a number of NoGaNaughts gathered at the home of Steve Hudson, AA4BW, to participate in a group HF QRP transmitter building event.  Steve provided all of the parts (bagged by which band had been chosen) with the exception of the crystal and a case.  He also provided all of the instructions in the form of a professionally prepared and bound manual.  Participants could chose which band they wanted to build for and the instructions included all of the data required for each band (such as toroid winding data) as well as a good dose of theory along the way. 

Steve provided a great workplace in the form of his mother's crafts studio and he set up the location with strategically placed electrical outlets.   The construction technique was Manhattan and Steve had even precut the copper-clad boards and the solder pads for the components.  Steve circulated around the room all day to be sure that everyone wound up with a working transmitter.  A separate area with a power supply, watt meter and dummy load had been set up as a test lab.   Participants had to supply their own tools and solder and had been encouraged to bring accessories such as solder wick.

A lunch break was taken at Pappy Red's Barbecue just down the road from Steve's and this touch of North Georgia certainly added to the event.  Everyone present concluded that they had never seen a better prepared event in their amateur radio careers.

Thanks Steve from all of us...!

click on the "small" picture below to the the "big" picture.

The "Hudson" manual.

Host, Steve AA4BW, keeping everyone on track.

The parts kit for a "Hudson" xmtr.

Workstation showing toroid winding data in the manual.

Same workstation with more manual detail.

Matt, WB6BWZ

Mike, KO4WX and Steve, AA4BY.

Jim, AD4J

Russ, AE4NY and Pickett, AD4S.

"The Mike and Steve Show"

Matt, WB6BWZ and Mike, W3IRZ.

Pickett, AD4S and Jim, AD4J display their working "Hudsons"

Joe, W4JHR and Ted, W2ICV.

Ted, W2IEJ and Matt, WB6BWZ.

Mike, W3IRZ, and his completed "Hudson".

W3IRZ's workstation.  You could build an S-Line with all this stuff.

W3IRZ's single tin, dual range NoGaWaTT Meter.

Jim, AD4J, Paul, K4HCM, Jack, K5FSE, Joe, W4JHR and Ted, W2ICV.

Jim, AD4J.  Come on Jim, this isn't surface mount!


Matt, WB6BWZ.  "Nothing like this in California.!

Dave, N4DJS, and Mike, W3IRZ.

KO4WX, W2ICV, W4JHR, K5FSE.  Seasoned Southern BBQ veterans.

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