NoGa - North Georgia QRP Club

Build Day Two

Ten lucky NoGaNaughts gathered at Steve, AA4BW's to continue the NoGa Build adventure.  In this session, Steve designed a semi-qsk T/R switch with variable delay and transmit indicator LED.  Steve was good enough to provide all of the parts (except the delay pot), the enclosure (predrilled) and another wonderful set of instructions.  Once again, everyone left with a working Guppy.  This is a great addition to the NoGaStation that is developing.  The first session produced a working transmitter.  Plans are already in place for Build Day 3 in which we will build a Vectronics receiver to round out the operating components of the NoGaStation.  Discussion is already underway for Build Day 4 where we will build an antenna tuner which will really round out a complete NoGaStation.

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Click HERE for Guppy Kit Information...!!

Tom, K4TJD and Joe, W4JHR
Pickett, AD4S
Our Host, Steve, AA4BW, Paul, K4HCM, Bob, AA4CX, Dave, N4DJS.   Paul thought someone was throwing him a peanut..
Paul, K4HCM, built his Guppy into his 30 meter Hudson from Build 1.  In front is the Guppy Manhattan board with no components mounted.
Mike, KO4WX, Steve, AA4BY, Russ, AE4NY.  Steve is making sure that everyone is successful.
K4HCM's Hudson 20 with the Guppy mounted inside.
Pickett, AD4S, with his completed Guppy.
Joe, W4JHR, Jack, K5FSE, Guy, AF4MN, Matt, WB6BWZ.  Guy is looking for the diode that jumped off the table.  Steve borrowed his mother's craft studio for the event... pretty classy radio building room.
Completed Guppy front view
Completed Guppy rear view.
Russ, AE4NY. "Boy this sure beats Kasserine Pass in WW2".
Joe, W4JHR, Mike, KO4WX, Jack, K5SFE, Guy, AF4MN, Matt, WB6BWZ.
Build 2 Kit.  This is the parts kit and manual for the Guppy.  All provided by Steve. AA4BW.
Dave, N4DJS. " My fingers are larger than when I started this thing."

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