NOGA QRP Worked All States Competition

In order to encourage QRP operation and create friendly competition within the club, we are running a Worked All States competition for club members. Most of the rules are taken from the QRP ARCI rules and we encourage you to apply for their awards. The NOGA Club Web site will publish standings each month for participating members.

Recognition will be given to the first member to work each ARCI level - 20 states, 30 states, 40 states and finally 50 states. Recognition will also be given to first member to receive QSLs for each of those levels. Finally, recognition will be given for each ARCI WAS award and endorsement received by a club member under these rules (i. e. all QSOs on or after 2/1/2001).

Rules are:

  1. QRP is defined as 5 watts output CW and 10 watts PEP output SSB.
  2. All QSOs must be made on or after February 1, 2001.
  3. A QSO confirmation can consist of a QSL card or a printed eQSL card.
  4. All QSOs must be made within a 50 mile radius. This is to prevent working western states while on a California trip, etc.

All QSO's must be confirmed (using QSL cards and printed eQSLs). NOGA QRP will accept as satisfactory proof of confirmed QSOs and that the QSLs/eQSLs are on hand, as claimed by the applicant, if the list is signed by: (a) a radio club official, OR (b) two amateur radio operators, general class or higher, OR (c) a notary public, OR (d) a CPA. Since NOGA QRP has no club officials, we suggest that you bring your QSLs and eQSLs to a NOGA QRP club meeting for review and boasting.

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