QRP AField, September 18, 1999

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Sam Billingsley, AE4GX Mike Boatright, KO4WX
Sam Billingsley, AE4GX Mike Boatright, KO4WX

Really enjoyed the short operating time in absolutely great Fall-like weather. Mike Boatright KO4WX and I shared a site at Chastain Park, an intown metro park, in Atlanta. Mike stayed on 20 mtrs with his brand new DSW-20 and inverted vee. I operated on 15 mtrs only with my INDEX @ 5watts and the famous Parking Lot Portable Vertical (PLPV).

Had a great time. Sam, AE4GX and I went out to Atlanta's Chastain Park. He operated on 15 and I operated on 20 with my new DSW-20. The custom case was on backorder, and since patience is not my forte, I went ahead and put the DSW-20 into a Bud box. It's actually about .3 inch shorter than the custom SWL boxes. Since I've got a box on the way, I guess I'll have to build another DSW to go in it, don'tchathink? Which would you suggest, a -40 or a -30?
AE4GX QRP AField Station DSW-20
USED the new NOGA prototype of the NOGAPIG (Power Indicator/Guard) for battery monitoring. Caught a weak gell (I though they were charged well) right off. On my postal scale, the rig, covers included, is about 8 ounces, .8Ah battery weighs 13oz and the rest abt. 3 ounces, for a 24oz, covers included rig for the next SP!
NOGA Pig KO4WX QRP AField Station
The only problem we had was the previous users of the site had left a wash tub full of Crab remains from a Crab boil in some cloudy cooking water that smelled to high heaven. Mike opted to operate about 100 ft away. The DSW's 1.5W worked great, except for when I hit the RIT switch--didn't realize I was running RIT for the next hour. Thought something was wrong with the antenna! Did manage to make 1 contact in the process even though I was tuning around my receive signal ONLY!
Sam, AE4GX Mike, KO4WX

name - Sam Billingsley

callsign - AE4GX

category -  portable

number of QSOs - 16

claimed score - 1152

location. - Chastain Park, Atlanta, GA

name - Mike Boatright

callsign - KO4WX

category (home/portable) portable

number of QSOs - 10

claimed score - 720

location. - Chastain Park, Atlanta, GA

SCORE:  16 (QSO's) X 4 (portable pts/QSO) X 2 (pwr mult.) X 9 (SPC's) = 1152 points SCORE:  10 (QSO's) X 4 (portable pts/QSO) X 2 (pwr mult.) X 9 (SPC's) = 720 points