NoGa - North Georgia QRP Club

NoGa - The North Georgia QRP Club participated in the 2011 "QRP To The Field" QRPTTF2011 - "Outback".

A total of 7 NoGaNauts were involved and all had a grand time. These included Phil, W3HZZ, Pickett, AD4S, Wey, K8EAB, Norm, WA4ZXV, Newt, K0NWT, Chris, K4HF and Rich, K7SZ.

We started a little later than anticipated as the result of a "Throw Bag" contest. You will see pictures of this prestigious event.

The location was on the back of a private 7.5 acres property adjacent to a 300 acre, undeveloped park property near Dacula.

You can check the results when they are available at:

We think we had a very respectable score.

Some of these pictures are the same as those uploaded to the Yahoo Groups but I included them here for folks who are not members of that group. If anyone has any more pictures of this event, send them to me and I will add them to this album..!

Pickett, AD4S

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ad4s_small.jpg dsc_0001_small.jpg dsc_0002_small.jpg dsc_0003_small.jpg dsc_0004_small.jpg dsc_0005_small.jpg dsc_0006_small.jpg
dsc_0007_small.jpg dsc_0008_small.jpg dsc_0009_small.jpg dsc_0010_small.jpg dsc03171_small.jpg dsc03172_small.jpg dsc03173_small.jpg
dsc03174_small.jpg dsc03175_small.jpg dsc03176_small.jpg dsc03177_small.jpg dsc03178_small.jpg dsc03179_small.jpg dsc03180_small.jpg
dsc03181_small.jpg dsc03182_small.jpg dsc03183_small.jpg dsc03184_small.jpg dsc03185_small.jpg noga3_small.jpg p4230280_small.jpg
p4230281_small.jpg p4230282_small.jpg p4230283_small.jpg p4230284_small.jpg p4230285_small.jpg p4230286_small.jpg p4230287_small.jpg
p4230288_small.jpg p4230289_small.jpg p4230291_small.jpg

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