NoGa - North Georgia QRP Club

Run for the Kudzu

October 12, 2002

Once again the weather and propagation gods smiled on NoGa for this event.  Tom, K4TJD, and Pickett, AD4S, were the hosts for this year's event and it was held at the Athens Boat Club on Lake Lanier north of Atlanta.

The primary object of this event is to have a fun, qrp radio day.  The format is to demonstrate that you can carry all of the equipment that you are going to use in the event.  This includes rigs, power, antennas, tables, chairs, etc.  Following this demonstration setup begins.  The bell at the pavilion rings at 11:00 am and operating continues until 1:00 p.m. when the bill rings again.  Then it is BYOL time.  "Bring Your Own Lunch"..  NoGaNaughts are well known experts at this activity.  And finally, awards and door prizes concluded the day's activities.  There were some great door prizes including an MFJ Clock, a RS VOM, MFJ DC distribution strip, brief case, Horton dipole, SOP RX kit, FireBall 40 kit and more.   Thanks to all the fine prize donors.

Matt, WB6BWZ, gave us these links to learn about kudzu:

1. The Amazing Story of Kudzu
2. Kudzu-The Vine (lots of photos)
3. Kudzu, Covering Dixie Like The Dew
4. Kudzu Recipes (including Kudzu Blossom Jelly!!!)

This years awards and awardees were:

First Contact Wey, K8EAB
Most Contacts Wey, K8EAB
Best DX Wey, K8EAB
Pretty Good DX Chuck, AF4PP
Lightest Rig Phil, K4PQC
Most Unusual Station Matt, WB6BWZ
Kudzu Special Russ, AE4NY

At the pavilion

NoGaNaughts assembled

Prizes and Products

Russ, AE4NY, gets directions from Joe, W4JHR.

Russ, AE4NY, pounding brass.  Russ was in the USAAF in WW 2 and learned brass pounding there.

Russ used his Index QRP Plus and a Horton Portable Dipole.  Check Russ's web site:  Click  HERE.

Do you think there was a lot of CW on this frequency..??

Joe, W4JHR, and his "Shirt Pocket" station.  RockMite 20 and Palm Paddle. 

KG4FXG, Bill at his first NoGa event. 

Bill's station was an FT-817 and LDG tuner.

Mike, W3IRZ, putting his new K2 to the test.

Mike's key was interesting=====>

" I was told that it was a South African army key made by the French. It is
marked: E TS G. JARDILLIER Ref : 1955M
Just thought I would make you guys drool."


Sharon, KG4HKO, pointing to Mike's "low visibility" antenna.

Phil, K4PQC and his Index QRP Plus.  Phil also used his 40-9ner.

Deborah, who was with Phil, enjoys the sun, lake view and paper.

John, AB4GK, logging 'em in with his Norcal 40.

Chuck, AF4PP, used his K1 to bag some great DX.

click HERE to see Chuck's great DX log.

Chuck's STL antenna strapped to a mooring post.  Note the extremely low water.

Tom, K4TJD, (FDIM Chairman), putting his K2 through the paces on his cottage deck.

Pickett, AD4S', MP-1 antenna.  Somehow lost the picture of his RockMite 40 with Bulldog Paddle.

Matt, WB6BWZ, uses his FT-817 and really weird antenna.  The tuner is a SGC SG-237 Smart Tuner.

Didn't mean to get the MP-1 in here twice.  Pickett thought he would win the lightest weight award with 9.2 oz.

For those who don't know Matt.. he is quite a contester.

Matt's antenna was a 80 foot horizontal loop. (another "low" visibility antenna)

Phil, K4QPC's winning entry.  A 40-9ner that weighed in at 4.3 oz. including the battery and key.  The key was the alligator clip jumper.

How about that..!!  A QRP Coke (tm) ..!!

Wey, K8EAB's K2 operating position.

Wey's gear close up.  Nice looking paddle.

Wey was the big award winner with some great DX.

Why is this man smiling?  Must be the WX and DX.

Wey with his 1st award.

K8EAB winning log.

K8EAB took home some nice goodies.  Everyone got a jar of Mrs. Annie Duke's Kudzu Blossom jelly.

The following index has pictures taken by Phil, K4PQC and Bill, KG4FXG. 

Mike's key from Dayton

Phil, K4PQC

Athens Boat Club Cove.

ABC "Founder's Light"

Pickett, AD4S, getting the coals hot with a hair dryer.

Pickett, Tom, John and Sharon discussing the finer points of delicate hamburger grilling.


"They Showed Us The Way"

Mike, W3IRZ

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