NoGaQRP Meeting December 2004

Saturday, December 04, 2004
NoGa Meeting - December 4, 2004 
About 20 of us gathered in the shivering cold meeting room.  We were glad to see Chuck, WA6LTV back from some back surgery and some his latest handwork.  Phil, K4PQC has shaved a few grams off the weight of his Sprint.  Chuck, AF4PP brought in his Hex Key.   And more!

PC050043 (Small) PC050044 (Small) PC050045a (Small)
PC050043 (Small) PC050044 (Small) PC050045a (Small)
PC050046a (Small) PC050047 (Small) PC050048 (Small)
PC050046a (Small)
KE6TI, Harold Smith brought in
pieces parts
PC050047 (Small)
Thanks Chuck, AF4PP for
PC050048 (Small)
Shows some projects
PC050050 (Small) PC050051 (Small) PC050052 (Small)
PC050050 (Small)
John brought a new PS,Charger
PC050051 (Small)
Ken brought a transistor analyser
PC050052 (Small)
PC050053 (Small) PC050055 (Small) PC050056c (Small)
PC050053 (Small) PC050055 (Small)
It's from Phil! What is it?
PC050056c (Small)
An inexpensive Multimeter
PC050057b (Small) PC050058 (Small) PC050059 (Small)
PC050057b (Small) PC050058 (Small) PC050059 (Small)
Guy, AF4MN, takes the Prize

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