NoGaQRP Meeting August 2004
August 7, 2004

Great meeting.    We started off with a little business.  Mike KO4WX has taken on the delivery of a huge assortment of resistors for the club to use in existing and future projects.  He needs some help in cataloging and packaging the resistors.  We talked about Labor Day weekend, but because of conflicting activities that weekend, we may need to come up with a better date.  More details to follow.  We also discussed moving our web site to a commercial hosting company.  Our current provider is free, but the lack of speed results in the site being uncomfortable to browse.  The group agreed to move to a more suitable hosting company.  Mike, Norm and Pickett will discuss this further and make a move in the near future.  Joe, W4JHR,,  has NoGa cables and Anderson Power Pole connectors for sale.  He'll be glad to install the connectors on the cables.  Just let him know what you want ahead of time, and he will bring them to the next meeting.

Russ, AE4NY invited Bob Garcia, KD4JRT,"The Scope Man" to give us a tutorial on the use of an oscilloscope. Bob and Marvin, W4UXJ our own O'scope expert gave us a great presentation.  Thanks Russ!

As usual, lunch at Chick-Fil-A.

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P1010017 P1010019 P1010021 P1010022 P1010023a P1010024a
Bob KD4JRT and Marvin, W4UXJ 
preparing for the presentation
Lights Camera Action
Russ, AE4NY Films the Presentation
Marvin, Ron, WE5O; Jack, K5FSE: Mike, KO4WX; and in the back Mark, WX4MAP  ,Jack, Russ, Hugo, KG4ZGW;Jim,W4PDZ;
Jimmy, AE4DT; Ken,W4DU ;Joe,W4JHR ;Guy,AF4MN and Jim Watson 
More of the same Russ introduces Bob and Marvin
P1010026a P1010027a P1010028a P1010029a P1010030a P1010031a
Great attendance Pickett wasn't there, so I don't know who told the funny. The Show begins Checking it twice What's that 10x switch on the probe? Hands on during the break
P1010032a P1010033a P1010034a
A little Show and tell during the break Rick, K4RAB;Marc and Ron, W4IA John,WB4GLJ takes the HRO Door Prize More about Scopes!