Club Meeting, February 6, 1999

By Sam Billingsley, AE4GX

Meeting Photos

We had a record attendance of 21 at the Feb 6th North Georgia QRP club meeting. Randy Joiner N4SX (a new call for him) set the traveling record again with 130 miles from Cochran, GA. I'm not sure if we will have anyone to ever beat him on this achievement.

We voted to have the NOGA meeting Bi-monthly (on the First Saturday of the even months (Feb,Apr,Jun,Aug,Oct and Dec) at TechAmerica starting officially at 11AM and going to 1PM. This will give a convenient time for those wishing to have a little lunch and continue our discussions while we eat. Great idea. I noticed that more than a handful showed up before 10:30AM to check out the TechAmerica store and have some one-on-one discussions with other members.

Since we still don't have rules, agenda or officers someone just starts it off. For the meeting Jim Stafford W4QO began the meeting and turned the floor over to each person to introduce themselves and offer any comments for discussion.

This meeting was a wide mixture of old and new members (you're a member just by you saying so). Remember no numbers and no dues). We had folks bring in a wide variety of show and tell items some including handouts. I think this effort is well received and it's a big reason for attending.

We discussed two budding NOGA net activities: 2mtr FM(voice) and 80mtr QRP(CW). Both these are informal and designed to let the members just participate and have a little fellowship from wherever they are.

Recap of the nets:

Tuesday nights 0200Z (2100EDT) on 145.41- checkins for 30 minutes.

Tuesday nights 0230Z(2130EDT) on 3.686 mHz +/- 500 Hz depending on band activity. Slow CW ~12 WPM

New Folks that signed in that weren't already on the directory are:

Tom Fuller KE4QCM
Gene Gach KF4NOG
Rick Darby KE4NJX
Jerry Lofstead W3CDE
Steven Stern call???

There were several members there for the first time (from my memory): Paul Brisendine K4HCM (wants info on replacing his canned osc on his Fireball)
Bob Confrey WA1EDJ from Monroe, GA (second place travel distance 60 miles)
Tom Dooley K4TJD

(One of the above folks asked Sam AE4GX to see the PLPV in his car but was gone before Sam got to the car. Just let him know and I'm sure that he'll work with you.)

Other members attending included:

Sam Billingsley AE4GX
Rick Black K4RAB
Mike Boatright KO4WX
Pickett Cummins AD4S
Randy Joiner N4SX
Russ Richardson AE4NY
Phil Specht K4PQC
Jim Stafford W4QO
Ed Tanton N4XY
Leonard Yound KS4RN
George Zimmerlee N4XDC
Ken Evans W4DU

Show and Tell Stuff: (Great variety)

DDS VFO circuit WWII vintage SPY almost QRP (5-10w) transmitter, receiver, power supply, ant tuner
HB SWR meter (QRP of course) Tick with reed relay MOD for contact keying high voltage +/- key sources.
Fireball Norcal20 kit (in bags) WOW
TenTec 30 mtr xcvr Army (Collins) adjustable dipole (Heavy duty - costs the Tax Payer mucho $$)
Leonard's goodies (?) Elecraft K2 (partially built and documentation WOW)
GeorgiaCracker80 (NOGA 80 with mods) GC80 and companion PGR80 receiver setup in transceiver mode (PGR means "Pretty Good Receiver")

The five minutes per person went by fast and the group tried to wind it up about 1:30PM and take off to the Krystal in door.

Excellent meeting. Lots of fun. Great HB projects and kits shown. I think a good time had by all. thanks to all who brought the show and tell items. it really adds to the meetings flavor.

I can't wait till the next meeting Apr 3rd (first Saturday).

Jim Stafford and Sam Billingsley AE4GX are updating their web pages to show some pictures of this grand event.

Check them out soon.