Club Meeting, June 5, 1999

By Russ Richardson, AE4NY

Meeting Photos


I Think the Professor and his Assistant stole the show today with the Lemon-Juice power demonstration,, The two stations set up by Sam and Mike attracted a great deal of attention and many QSOs, and I think a lot of interest in QRP and NOGA was stimulated. Big turnout at our AUG.7th meeting. Thanks to Mike for all of his adv ance work on the kits, QSL cards ( suitable for framing). What a day!!! And we still have Sunday to go. I've already started reading Richs' book on QRP and enjoying it. We also had one heck of a fine display of QRP rigs, didn't we? The NOGA web page will soon display some soon I'm sure.

AE4NY, Russ 72