North Georgia QRP Club - NoGa

April 2002 Meeting

We met again at the activities building of the Weiuca Road Baptist Church in the Buckhead section of Atlanta.   We got off to a slow start since the building was not open and non of us had a key and we could find no one at the church.  We were about to set up the flip chart in the parking lot for Ted, W5QJR, to use in the wind when NoGaNaught Keith, KR4IP, used some of his hidden talent to jimmy open a window in the basement.  All of these guys are multi talented.

Part One

The April 2002 NoGa meeting was somewhat different than most meetings.  Normally we have a couple of hours of show and tell.  This month we were privileged to have a guest speaker.  The speaker was Ted Hart, W5QJR, inventory and CEO of eh-antennas in Elberton, Georgia.  Ted's presentation was really interesting and he had originally planned to have one of his Italian factory 20 meter antennas take part in an antenna "shoot-out" in the parking lot.  Regrettably, Air France lost his antenna during his recent visit to the factory.  Ted did have two prototypes to show us although the matching networks needed for them to be useable had been taken off for more development work.

Part Two

Sam Billingsley, AE4GX, sponsored an antenna "shoot out" after Ted's presentation.  Several different antennas were tested against a reference dipole.  This was not a scientific test but we relied on signal reports for chart the results.  Thanks to Jim Worthington, AD4J, for handling the operating chores.  Everyone had a great time kibitzing about their antenna experiences.

The following album is not in any particular order.  If any of the names or calls are missing or incorrect, just drop me a note.   Thanks to Sam, AE4GX and Phil, K4PQC for providing these pictures.  Also... Sam, AE4GX, did some mods to his antenna switch to provide as objective an antenna shoot out as he could.  Click here to see his antenna switch mods.

Click on the small picture to get "the big picture"                                          Pickett, AD4S            

Ted, W5QJR, started his presentation by discussing his copper pipe loop.  He had an article about this antenna in QST in March, 1986. Ted's web site is at


L/R as best we can tell.  Ted, WB8DRN, Russ, AE4NY, Chuck, AF4PP, Doug, Rick, K4RAB, Ted, W2ICV, David, KG4LSK.

The MP-1 portable antenna by Vern Wright, W6MMA.   This unit covers most HF bands and breaks down and fits nicely in a brief case.   Don't know who brought it.

Won't try to identify everyone here but to the right I see Dave, N4DJS and up on the porch is Matt, WB6BWZ.  The mast is the 33' DK9SQ collapsible mast.  I believe this is what the reference dipole was attached to.

Just another shot of the "shoot out" operating position.  I believe the DK9SQ mast is attached to Sam, AE4GX's SUVA.

Check out Sam's web page on this activity by clicking here.

We can add Joe, W4JHR on the left who is looking at the ants on the steps and on the right just over Guy, AF4MN's (with the straw hat)   sholder is Jim, WA4RDR

Sam, AE4GX, did a big "rework" of his antenna switch to try and give each antenna in the "shoot out" an equal chance.   Check Sam's web page for details.

That's Jim, AD4J, using his K2 with a mini-paddle.

Pickett, AD4S, presents Ted, W5QJR, with his own, personal copy of the NoGa Compendium, Volume 1.  A number of the authors were in Ted's audience.

The newest prototype eh-antenna is on the table just behind Ted and Pickett.  The matching network has also been removed for additional development.

Pickett, AD4S, pointing to the offering basket where he would like donations to the "meeting place" fund to go. 

Ted's loop and flip chart are on the right.  You can see a sketch of the double cone eh-antenna is on the flip chart.

The original prototype eh antenna.  While this may look like a tuned, vertical dipole, the dimension of the pvc pipe and special matching network makes it an eh-antenna.  The matching network had been removed for more development so we were not able to use this one in the shoot out either.

Another "shoot out" picture.   That's Sam, AE4GX in the foreground, right looking for his contact lens.

Another shot of the "Chuck and Jim" show.

A shot of Ted's presentation from about half way back in the room.  We had a great turn out including a number of hams from other clubs.

Ted, W5QJR, and the first eh-antenna prototype.

Some additions to the rogue's gallery.  In the middle is Mike, K4HBI, Susan, AF4FO (recent president of the Gwinnett Amateur Radio Society - GARS), Keith, KR4IP and Mike, W3IRZ.

A couple of other "rogue" additions are on the left, Dick, K2UFT (time to build that K2 Dick), just behind Jim, AD4J is George, WA4TNU,  and facing us on the right at a safe distance to keep the CW from affecting him is Bob, AA4CX.

Shoot out shot.  I don't know who the guy looking at the air conditioner is unless he is the maintenance man that brought the key after the meeting was over.

Jim, AD4J and Sam,  AE4GX  looking for a bottle of "propagation juice".  They never found it.  In the foreground is Sam's collapsible, backpackers portable HF loop.  Sam says he has some more work to do.

Joe, W4JHR, and Pickett, AD4S, discussing the Sci-Trek K2 presentation which was in downtown Atlanta the next day.
From the looks of things, it doesn't look like Joe wanted to drive to downtown Atlanta.

Close up of Ted and one of his charts.  You can clearly see on his chart of the cone antenna where the "H" goes around counter clockwise in the horizontal plain.

Long shot of Ted discussing his 1986 copper pipe loop.

Another shot of Ted and his loop.

Ted was really on a role here.  I think the church setting got to him and he was preaching to the choir here.

Another shot of Ted and his original 40 meter eh-antenna prototype.

Good shot of Sam, AE4GX's portable HF loop antenna.  The base also collapses for transport.