North Georgia QRP Club - NoGa

April 5, 2003 - Wieuca Road Baptist Church Activities Building

Another great NoGa meeting with 28 NoGaNaughts in attendance.   Lots of interesting items (mostly QRP) but everyone always has a great time.    Thanks to Rick Black, K4RAB, for the pictures.

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Couldn't get 'em all in one picture but from left to right around the table: Jim, K9GKB, Joe, W4JHR, Marvin, W4UXJ, Pickett, AD4S, Norm, WA4ZXV, Phil, K4PQC, Mike, W3IRZ, Bob, AA4CX, Jimmy, AE4DT, and with the backs to the camera are George, WA4TNU and Jack K5FSE.

Got a few more in this one:  l/r: Phil, K4PQC, Mike, W3IRZ, Bob, AA4CX, (in the back getting the last donut) Greg, KD4JVG, (behind Jimmy) Russ, AE4NY, Jimmy, AE4DT, (all the way from Columbus) John, WB4GVL and Ken, W4DU. 

Typical picture of the alert and dynamic NoGaNaughts l/r front row; John, WB4GLJ and Ken W4DU.  Back in the peanut gallery are l/r:  Wey K8EAB, Brandon, KG4GVL and Guy, AF4MN.

Joe, W4JHR's FDIM buildathon frequency counter.  Joe was one of the beta constructors who also helped validate the documentation.

Phil, K4PQC, brought this object d'art from Harbor Freight.  Can't remember all the functions but it beat Ginzu knives and bamboo steamers by a long shot.  Send us a list Phil and we will include the real features.

John, N4TOL, brought in his 624 xcvr.  He had it receiving and needed   some NoGa help to get the xmtr working.

Another 624 shot.  These are no longer available but were nice, cost effective kit.

Marvin, W4UXJ, brought in this incredibly sensitive rf meter.  (give us some details Marvin and we will post them here).

Zentith table top.  Another incredible restoration job by Mike, W3IRZ.   Mike carved the push buttons on either end from wood to exactly match the remaing plastic buttons.

Note all the band trimmers in the front.

Another shot of the Zenith but wanted everyone to see Norm, WA4ZXV's TenTec PM-2.   He built it brand new and it was in really good shape.  A real qrp collectors item.

A shot of Ken, W4DU's MultiPig.  Ken also had a nice NOS Millen dial assembly.

Poor man's K2.  The Flying Pigs MultiPig.

Another shot of the MultiPig.

This thing has more toroids than a K2.

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