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April 3, 2004 - Meeting

  The April 3 Meeting was another great one. Norm, WA4ZXV, was good enough to be the volunteer moderator.   Folks wonder about the moderator sometimes but it helps keep us from having multiple meetings going on at the same time and helps ensure that everyone gets to finish their presentation without being interrupted.

We had about 25 participants, 2 first time visitors.   Pieter, N4IP, and Moe, AE4JY, brought a sample of their software defined radio and did a demo after the meeting.  Pieter also brought a loop antenna which he built.  Mike brought his version of the WW2 "Enigma" code machine and told the Enigma Story!   Mike thinks we’ll recognize a couple of folks on the cover of the next QRP-ARCI “Quarterly”.   Steve, AA4BW, brought some samples of the next building day project.  Phil, K4PQC, told us about his trip to France, using his AT Sprint, and missing the right train.  Marvin, W4UXJ, shared copies of some interesting literature.

Thanks to Norm, WA4ZXV, for the pictures and comments.

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Click here to see some more pictures from Rick, K4RAB....!

Click here to see some more pictures from Mike, KO4WX...!

The group assembled looking at RFSpace's SDR (Software Defined Radio).

Dick, N9SXJ and Jim, K9GKB.

Harold, KE6TI, Jack, K5SFE, Ken, W4DU, Rick, K4RAB and Jim, K9GKB

Mike, KO4WX with John, AB4GK and Bob, AA4CX in the back.

Moe, AE4JY, John, WB4GLJ, Marcel, W5BJV, Phil, K4PQC and Joe, W4JHR.

Back row - Pieter, N4IP, Moe, AE4JY, Marcel, W5BJV, Joe, W4JHR, John, AB5GK and Bob, AA4CX.  Front row - Guy, AF4MN, Wey, K8EAB and John, WA4GLJ.

Dick, K2UFT and Matt, WB6BWZ.

Many of you may not know that Dick is an elite member of the "First Class Operators Club"


Mike, KO4WX shows off his modern day "Enigma" code machine.

Wey, K8EAB, shows off  his early CW gear.  A Palomar Keyer, a Brown Brothers paddle and his "one tube" electronic key.  See keyer/paddle history at: July, 1999 QST

Pieter, N4IP, and his antenna.  (Give us some details and we will publish them here).

And there is Moe, alert as ever.

Could be the model for a "No Antenna" sign.

Heart of the software defined radio.

Marcel, W5BJV.

Marcel shows off a project.  It looks like a transmitter with a built in keyer.  What is it Marcel..??

John, AB4GK and Bob, AA4CX.  John doesn't believe Bob said that..!!!

Jack, K5FSE

Steve, AA4BW, shows off the board layout for the Build Day V project.   "Right Jim??"

The BD-V Transmitter board layout.

Pieter, N4IP, Checks out one of his projects.

See the first picture..!!!

Jim, K9GKB, Russ, AE4NY and Marvin, W4UXJ.  Russ thought he was at an auction.

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