North Georgia QRP Club - NoGa

December 2002 Meeting

L/R - Jim KR4QN, Jim K9GKB, Mike W3IRZ, Brandon KG4GVL, Russ AE4NY, Joe W4JHR and Ken W4DU.

?, Rick  K4RAB, Dick  K2UFT, Ed, N4XY, Bob AA4CX, Greg, KD4JVG

Pickett AD4S and Russ AE4NY.  Please don't talk when I am interrupting you....!

Mike W3IRZ and Pickett AD4S.  Pickett's shirt tells how he feels about clubs with a lot of rules..!!

Mike W3IRZ always has something interesting to show.  Pickett AD4S "what in the world is that..??"

Inquiring Minds Want to Know..!!

Jack K5FSE trying to get his eyes to focus on Chuck WA6LTV's RockMite.

Chuck, WA6LTV and John AB4GK.  In the back are Jim KR4QN and Phil K4QPC.

Same group with the addition of Guy AA4MN and Jimmy AE4DT.

Another guy with a basement full of wonders.  Ed, N4XY.  He is showing a rare set of test leads.

Ed's Hallifcrafters kits.  (apparently OEM from Heath).

Rare signal generator.

A chair full of Ed's rare test gear.

David KG4LK shows off his K2/100 with the amp and the 100 watt tuner in the separate EC2 Case.

Chuck AF4PP, Pickett AD4S and Phil K4QPC checking the latest NoGa inventory.

This picture and the next 6 are David's K2.

Good job David.

We would like to hear this rig on the air.

Check into one of the NoGa nets some time David.

Or the nightly CW roundtable.

Chuck WA6LTV's RockMite.  The case if from Doug Hauff.

Chuck's Doug Hauff "Tiny Key"

pJoe W4JHR, Tom K4TJD and Jimmy AE4DT.  Aligning Jimmy's K2 filters with Spectogram.

Joe's laptop was also qrp.  It is a Libretto.

John AB4GK's "Twin Tube 80" from the NoGa Compendium  He won it at the "Run for the Kudzu" in October.

Ken W4DU's chassis for his Multipig.

Ken W4DU.  That last donut must have been too much.

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