Club Meeting, December 4, 1999

By Mike Boatright KO4WX

Meeting Photos

Once again, it was another outstanding gathering at (formerly, Tech America). We filled the room with at least 23 members including several first time members. A total of 17 NOGA members, new and old, signed-in. All-in-all, I can say that it just keeps getting better and better!

The BIG NEWS was the announcement that our own Jim Stafford, W4QO, has been elected President of the QRP ARCI (Amateur Radio Club International)! Congratulations Jim!

After a round of hearty applause, Jim talked about QRP ARCI, and some of the background activities of the club that most of us never see. He talked about the publication of the QRP Quarterly, ARCI's newsletter, and that the editor, Mary Cherry, N6AE, needs someone to help pickup the editing duties of the newsletter. Any editors out there?

Jim also discussed a new push to bring in members, and some other breaking news from ARCI. Check the QRP ARCI website for details.

There was lots of show and tell. I won't go in to the details, since the pictures are worth thousands of words!

We had some really cool door prizes this month. Jim, WA4RDR, won the QRP ARCI pin, donated by QRP ARCI. Larry, KF4KHP, won a unique clock; Paul, K4HCM, won a nice knife; and Peter, K4BKD, won a flashlight--all donated by Thanks to QRP ARCI and for their generous door prizes.

Finally we adjourned the meeting, for lunch at the Krystal!

As always, thanks for making this a great meeting. This is an exciting club, and we always seem to have fun whenever we get together. Hope to see you before the next meeting in February. Have a safe and happy holiday season, and if you travel, take a rig along wth you! Hope to see many of you for ARRL Straight Key Night!

72 DE Mike, KO4WX

Smyrna, GA

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