February 2002 Meeting


Freeze Your Buns Off (FYBO) Field Day

This was the first meeting to be held at the new meeting place and it turned out to be a "doozie".  We have plenty of room, plenty of light, plenty of chairs, plenty of tables and plenty of parking.  In addition to all the "plenty's" there is a full kitchen and a bathroom with a shower.   It appears that we could set up a station and various antennas if we want and may well be able to work operating events from this location.

Join us next month and check it out.

FYBO was sponsored this year by Tom, K4TJD and Pickett, AD4S and was held at their lake cottages up at Lake Lanier.  Everyone who attended this event got a chance to operate and while our score was not large our HTMF (Having Too Much Fun) factor was very high.  The equipment was a K2 and a W3EDP long wire up about 40 feet.

click on the small picture to get the "big" picture..!

It was great to see Sam, AE4GX, who we have not seen for a while.

One of our really big show and tell guys, Ed, N4XY.  "wake up Ed!!"

Olin, K4OWP, came all the way from Augusta.  This is his "real" '80's HB QRP rig.. a complete transceiver.

Good shot across the room of half our attendees.  The front wall is all glass so lots of light for everything.

Olin, K4OWP, receives his NoGa WAS certificate from Pickett, AD4S.  This was certificate #7 and marked the end of the year long competition.

Ken, W4DU, displays his "Stinger Singer".

Rick, K4RAB, built this receiver to go with his transmitter.  Now all you need is an antenna Rick..!!

Sam sez "If I don't do this right, there will be a thermonuclear event".   Tom, K4TJD, and Phil, K4PQC,  look like they believe this.

Mike, W3IRZ, shows off his Warbler "keyer/tuner/tester"

Close up.. Brandon, KG4GVL doesn't think this is possible.

Olin, K4OWP, shows the guts of real home brew.

Tom, K4TJD, receives the door prize of a $15 gift certificate from HRO. Presenter is our "door prize maven" Russ, AE4NY.

FYOB.  Tom, K4TJD, shows us how to operate CW with gloves on.

"Got another one" with the gloves on.

Our resident "been operating cw longer than anyone" member, Russ, AE4NY, makes a contact.

Late in the day, the mid 40's felt like the teens. AE4NY still at it.

Joe, W4JHR, can't believe that Tom, K4TJD, can work 35 wpm with the gloves on.

Joe, W4JHR, got some licks in also. That little pink thing on top of the K2 is "NoGa" the pig..!

"When we went into Arzu in WWII, I was......"  ok, ok Russ, Tom already heard that story.

Pickett, AD4S, with his Chicago coat on again.  New hat this year, he loaned his ski cap to KN2Z.

Dan, KN2Z.  Really did his part to add the contacts.  This was about 01:45z and the temp. was 40.0000F.
FYBO 2002 was a lot of fun once again.  We wish more NoGaNaughts could have joined us but the Super Bowl was the next day and there was just a lot going on.

The temperature got up in the 80's the week before and we were concerned about having a decent multiplier.   It started dropping Saturday morning with a chance to get into the 30's before the event was over.  With about 15 minutes to go the digital thermometer showed 40.0.  If it got to 39.9 we were going to increase our multiplier so we started fanning the thermometer with the log book and it went up to 42.0.. so that was the end of that.   Pickett, AD4S

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