North Georgia QRP Club - NoGa

January 4, 2003 Meeting

The January meeting was held at the Wieuca Road Baptist Church Activities building in the Lenox Square/Buckhead area of Atlanta.  Thanks to Rick Black, K4RAB, for these pictures.  I was not present so was not able to supply many captions.  If you have captions that you would like for me to add, just email them to me and I will update this page.

Pickett, AD4S  email

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Mike, W3IRZ, in his normal, relaxed, studious posture.

Phil, K4PQC, preaching to the choir. (really had to work on this photo)

"Place your hand on the..  and repeat after me..!"

This (and the next 3 picures) is the Manhattann style 2N2/40 built by Chuck, WA6LTV

The chassis is from an old Collins VHF rig.  The work is impecable.

The front panel was turned aluminum.  Looked like the Spirit of St. Louis.

Already; a project from the Tony Fishpool, Graham Firth test equipment book.

"The QRP Test Equipment" Book.  We ordered 20 of these for NoGa and sold them all in 48 hours on the NoGa listserver.



John, AB4GK, receives the HRO gift certificate door prize from Russ, AE4NY, our relentless door prize acquirer.

<==========Boy.. the "College Students" are sure looking old and beat up these days..!!

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