North Georgia QRP Club - NoGa

Meeting - July 3, 2004

A pretty doggone good turnout for the 4th of July weekend.   Some really great new goodies.

Thanks to Norm, WA4ZXV, for the pictures

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Pickett, AD4S, John, WA4GXW and Jimmy, AE4DT

Jim, K9GKB, Russ, AE4NY, Joe, W4JHR and John, AB4GK

Marvin, W4UXJ (no one has held this call but me) and his table full of freebies.

Brad (visitor), Mike, Jimmy, John, Ken, Dick, John, Phil and Jim.. whew..!

Dick, John, Jim and Jack.  "Speak No Evil, See No Evil, Hear No Evel and ??? Smell No Evil..???

Marvin, Dave, Jim, Russ, Joe and John.

Mike, KO4WX, Bob, AA4CX and Pickett, AD4S

"And From the Depths of the Graveyard...." wait a minute Ken.. it's the 4th of July.  Check the expressions on the audience faces.

Jimmy, AE4DT, got this Begali (by golly) paddle for his birthday.

We are not going to tell you what it cost but it started with a 3 and had some zeroes after it.

Phil, K4PQC.  "Are you sure this is how Edison did it..??"

Marvin shows off a piece of the original KDKA tower.  Click here for the full story.

Dr. Moss demonstrating how simple counting sub atomic particles is with this $13.95 counter.

"Gee Joe.. I wish I had said that.."  Russ, Joe and John.

Mike, KO4WX, beginning his show and tell..!

Could this be the infamous "Jeezus Stick"..??

Mike and his emergency communications "jump" box.

Mike won the IC-703 at FDIM and packed it with a TNC in a office file box.

Complete with power and antenna connectors of all types.

Mikr has standardized on the Anderson PowerPole connectors.

Jimmy and his Begali.  He is not sure if it is helping his fist but it sure does feel good.

After trying to get rid of too many multiband qrp rigs, Ken wound up with the same number of rigs as he started with.. they are just different rigs.

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