NoGa Meeting - March 2, 2002

Wieuca Baptist Church Activities Building

Another great NoGa meeting.  Lots of projects and never enough time.   We may have to start even earlier. 

If we got some of the names and calls wrong just holler.

Pickett, AD4S

The 3 guys at the left are trying to figure out if they can get all 3 of Marvin's scopes past the xyl.  On the right, Ed, N4XY, is trying convince someone that everyone needs a roll of 10,000 resistors.

L/R.. Jack, K5FSE, Marvin, W4UXJ, Guy, AF4MN, Bob, AA4CX and Pickett, AD4S.

L/R..  George, WA4TNU, Sam, Tim, WD8DRM,  AE4GX, Jimmy, AE4DT, James, K9GKB, Tom, K4TJD, Jack, K5FSE

Guy, AF4MN, Sam, AE4GX, Joe, W4JHR, Mark, KJ4YM

L/R.. Ed, N4XY, Guy, AF4MN, Chuck, AF4PP, Mark, KJ4YM, Brandon, KG4GVL, Jimmy, AE4DT.

Bob, AA4CX, Joe, W4JHR, Ted, WD8DRM, Pickett, AD4S, Sam, AE4GX, Matt, WB6BWZ, Ken, W4DU, Mike, W3IRZ.  Sam is checking out the NoGa product advertising.

Jack, K5FSE, flanked by Tom, K4TJD and Jimmy, AE4DT.  Jack's show and tell was a really old piece of equipment that he built.  Sam, AE4GX, provided a description.

On the right, Tom, K4TJD, had some really nicely done HB items.  Pictures later.  Don't know why James, K9GKB, has fallen asleep.

Mike, W3IRZ and George, WA4TNU.  They are also trying to figure out why James is asleep.

George, WA4TNU, shows his great atomic clock buy.  Mike, W3IRZ, can't believe his eyes.

Mike, W3IRZ, and his DDS project.  Now is that neat wiring or what..?   George is hanging on every word.

Original NoGa Guppy from "Build Day 2"

Jack, K5FSE's show and tell.  His original HB "thingy" and some reproduction old electronic books.

Tom, K4TJD's stash.  Top to bottom.. Solder pot for the toroidialy challenged, Guppy, CQ Serenade audio CD, SMK-1 with enclosure, Vect. RX with enclosure and Norcal Cap kit.

Mike, KO4WX and his gear.  So much we can't identify it all.  The item with the big transformer which is an isolation transformer is a power supply to develop tube gear with.

Super Warbler80.  Includes a NoGaWaTT all in a big Altoids tin.  Can't remember who brought this.

Sam, AE4GX's, DDS VFO project.  This is his Georgia Sierra in parts used as a test bed.  Note the NoGaWaTT on the left.

Mike, W3IRZ's, stuff.  L/R.. Antenna tuner, DDS VFO project and unique Warbler tester.  Provides keying and audio to tune up with.

Travis Boatright and her CW keyer.  She had laryngitis and her dad, Mike, KO4WX,  was helping her communicate.

Pickett, AD4S, hawking NoGa inventory.  This was one of the Vectronics RX/TX bargains the club got from

Pickett, AD4S, and the CQ Serenade audio CD.  "What do you mean copyright..??"

Mike, KO4WX, and his DDS VFO project.  He certainly won the prize for a working rat's nest.

Pickett, Travis, Ken, Sam, Joe, Mark.  As you can see we always have everyone's attention focused on a single item.

Matt, WB4BWZ, Tom, K4TJD and Chuck AF4PP.  Matt can't believe that Chuck is telling Tom that same old DX story again..!!

I give up.  Next month we are going to ask everyone to face the photographer.   Pickett was glad to see the Tulane banner.