North Georgia QRP Club - NoGa

March 7, 2004 Meeting

Another great meeting.  27 folks signed in and I believe there may have been 1 or 2 others that didn't get to sign in.  Had 3 new members attend and we had some really great show and tell as you can see below.

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Joe, W4JHR, shows off his original TenTec PM-1 schematic.  Notice our Russian icon "Matryoshka"..!

Norm, WA4ZXV, Les, K4OL, Chuck, AF4PP.

Joe, W4JHR's Keyall keyall keyall.  Uses the Jackson Harbor Press keyall and a number of jacks so you can switch a single key between a number of (any kind of) rig.

Joe's keyall.. uses the Jackson Harbor Press "Keyall" and multiple connections to allow a single paddle to be used with multiple rigs.

George, WA4TNU, brought in his new TenTec Argonaut V.  Really nice looking rig.  Wish we had had an antenna to put it on.

Joe, W4JHR, and his NoGaWaTTaPiG.  Great presentation.

Joe, W4JHR, Matt, WB6BWZ, John, AB4GK, George, WA4TNU, Jim, WA4RDR (behind George), Jimmy, AE4DT, Harold, KE6TI, Phil, K4PQC, Ken, W4DU

Moe, AE4JY, Jim, W4PDZ, John, WB4GLJ, Dick, N9SXJ

Ed, N4XY, Russ, AE4NY, Dick, K2UFT, Marvin, W4UXJ, Mike, KO4WX and Paul, K4HCM

Phil, K4PQC, shows off his cell phone with an FM receiver.  He uses it as he moves around his shack to listen to the receiver using an FM rebroadcaster.

Les, K4OL, and his homebrew xmtr from about 50 or 60 years ago.

Les brought some pictures of his early ham shacks.

Moe, AE4JY, showed off his original "Versa Beacon"PC board project.
Click here for a complete explanation.

Jim, W4PDZ, shows off his regen receiver project.  He now has it working fine.

Jim, W4PDZ's  "Multi Purpose Frequency Counter" project.
Click here for a complete explanation.

Mike, KO4WX's ongoing receiver project using the audio filter from a K2.  He has added a hand made case using brass stock from a hardware store.

Front view of Mike's receiver project.

Mike, KO4WX, Ed, N4XY, Russ, AE4NY, Dick, K2UFT, Marvin, W4UXJ

Mike, KO4WX, and his homebrew Dremel tool case.  He keeps getting cases from the cosmetic department.

Dick, K2UFT, shows off his Ted McElroy mechanical CW paddle.

Paul, K4HCM, shows his ongoing regen rx project.  A true bread board.

Norm, WA4ZXV, receive the famous HRO gift certificate from our door prize maven, Russ, AE4NY.
<==== Russ also brought a door prize from HRO that was donated by our Michigan member, Ken, WA8REI, who won the door prize last month and used it to purchase a door prize for this month.  Thanks Ken.