NoGa May 2001 Meeting

May 5, 2001

(pictures after the report)

We had another full house meeting today with 22 attendees. We would like to welcome Joe Michalko KG4FBQ, Norcross, GA to the group. Joe is new at QRP and hamming in general but has lots of enthusiasm. We want him to know that help is available in many sizes and shapes.

Jim Worthington, AD4J was "volunteered" to be the Meeting Moderator for today. Thanks Jim.

While we're at it Jim, AD4J  was honored for being the first NOGA member to receive the WAS-QRP Award from ARCI since we started our Feb 1st club contest. Several others at very close and if  Pickett,  AD4S can find a ham living in Wyoming or Delaware that can muster up a couple of QSOs he will be able to relax too.

Keith Studdard, KR4IP was honored with a WAS-QRP Award for 20 states using the PSK31 mode an a tiny Warbler.  His best Warbler DX is California from Georgia. Congratulations for a fine effort.

Jim, AD4J received certificate #1 for QRP WAS from NoGa.  Mike, KO4WX, created the certificate and the actual call signs of the stations that Jim worked are in each of the states in the outline of the U.S. in the certificate.  Good job Jim..!!  and Mike also...!

Sam Billingsley, AE4GX and Mike Boatright, KO4WX reported on the NOGA effort last weekend for the NORCAL To The Field contest - "A Space Odessy".. Sam and Mike picked Stone Mountain Park, in St. Mtn, GA (in metro Atlanta) has their "monolith" site. Stone Mountain is the USA largest rock (granite) batholith outcropping and it definitely loomed in the background. We are putting together a story to be published later. Wayne, W4WK joined the party riding his bicycle 8 miles (one way) to be in the activity with his SW-40, ZM-2 and W3EDP longwire.

A few weeks ago Jim, AD4S and Sam, AE4GX made an afternoon trip to Woody Gap, GA to the 20 mile point to the Appalachian Trail NW of Dalonega, GA about 70 miles north of Atlanta,GA. They mainly testing antennas using the 44 ft doublet with open wire feeders and ZM-2, a Parking Lot Portable vertical and an W3EDP endfed longwire with k2 tuner or LDG for INDEX.

Sam, AE4GX  briefed the club in the upcoming May 11,12,13 camping/QRP trip to Hawk Mt., GA at about the 8 mile from the southern end of the Appalachian Trail. We expect to have 6-8 QRPers there on all bands including 6 meters QRP. Stay tuned for a more detailed trip alert on the nogaqrp list.

We have about 12 members heading to Dayton Hamfest and FDIM QRP gathering. It should be great fun as usual with many stories of meeting the QRP legends.

Russ Richardson AE4NY reported on the Atlanta Radio club hamfest coming up in June. More details later but NOGA plans a QRP forum plus several QRP stations setup and operating to facilitate non-QRPers to catch the QRP bug from all the enthusiasm they see and feel. We have done this in past years and it does work at promoting QRP.

NOGA club is planning a Field Day event in Flowery Branch, GA for the ARRL Field Day event in June 2001. We will be at Dr. Long's farm site and this is a return visit from last year where we had a wonderful time.  Hopefully we will publish the story and pictures from last year BEFORE we have the next FD occur. !!!!!!!!

So the Spring and Summer are starting out with a bang. Let's hope the Solar Flux wholes for another year.

We had a wide variety on show and tell equipment and experiences to chat about today. Here's a short list of what I can remember:

Rick,  K4RAB complete QRP 2 mtr HT + GPS+ TNC for GPRS operations.

Arnold, KC4ZUA ARC-5 rotary inductor and caps for door prize.

Pickett, AD4S Elecraft all purpose tilt stand for the Elecraft K1.   Pickett also reported that he had finished assembling the FDIM Symposium Proceedings and that they were at the printers.  Pickett said that this year's publication was going to be "gang busters"..!

Joe, W4JHR New minature Palm Paddles from Germany. (paint matches Elecraft rigs).

Mike, KO4WX SMK-1 with superhet MODs.

Mike,  KO4WX and Sam, AE4GX HB BLT (two versions) NORCAL Balance Line Tuner BLT.

Alan, KG4IEW reported on his continuing quest for the perfect board etching procedure.  He found a way to completely clean the copper clad from a PC board (not what he intended).

Mike, W3IRZ Complete SMK-1 station with HB key,tunerand superhet MODs.

Mike, W3IRZ Resistor SWR bridge with mil surp. Meter.

Sam, AE4GX Altoids SWR bridge and L-tuner.

Dave, N4DJS Three section fiberglass mast.

Jim, AD4J New backpacking paddles.

Russ, AE4NY NOGAWATT kit in wooden box.

Dan, KN2Z  HF Backpacking adventures on Stone Mtn *see below:

A very interesting experience with shared by Dan, NK2Z of Alpharetta,GA. Dan is into manpacking his FT-817 and Hamstick into hiking up the side of Stone Mountain. A good hike without gear. Well Dan getting all kinds or comments and questions from fellow hikers so he is definitely out there spreading the word. He is experimenting with antennas or various kinds and is keeping the tradition of QRP experimenter is good shape. He says is hiking to get in physical shape as wee. Good luck and way to go Dan.   Dan mentioned that his "personal mobile" operation was sort of a "chick magnet" but we weren't sure what that meant.

Be checking the NOGA web page from time to time.  Pickett,  AD4S is helping get the meeting and events sections updated and Mike,  KO4WX and Jim,   AD4J are keeping the WAS contest info current.

Notes: Sam,  AE4GX will be creating a short article for his web page to cover the details of the AT-Ltuner.

Stay tuned for a nogaqrp list announcement.


Door prizes included a gift certificate from Ham Radio Outlet.  Mention NOGa when you are in HRO.  Door prizes also included a  magnifying headband with light from W4JHR, NoGa T-shirt from AD4J and an authentic homebrew antenna tuner from KC4ZUA.

sign in sheet

group shot

Sam, AE4GX showing his wares.

Jim, AD4J, receiving his certificate #1 from NoGa for WAS QRP

Why is this man smiling.?

Mike, W3IRZ's matching BLT and SMK-1 (with super het rx)

Mike's stuff with sardine can tuner on the left and homebrew straight key on the right.

Guts of AE4GX BLT tuner in an Altoids tin.

Rick, K4RAB, and his completely portable APRS station. 

Russ, AE4GX's NoGaWaTT in an English tea box.

Another shot of K4RB's APRS set up.

Pickett, AD4S, shows his all purpose tilt stand from Elecraft.

Arnold, K4ZUA, contributed this tuner as a door prize.  It is made from all WW2 ARC5 parts.

Joe, W4JHR and his new Palm Mini Paddle.

Dave, N4DJS, and his 3 section fiber glass pole.  22' and real cheap.

Keith, KR4IP, and his WAS 20 from QRP-ARCI.  All on 80 meter PSK31 with a Warbler80 at 3 watts.  We think this is a first.

Mike, KO4WX, shows his SMK1-1 with superhet rx and other mods in HB case.

Sam, AE4GX's version of the LDG tuner (but it is operated manually)

Tom, K4TJD, couldn't make it to the meeting but we got a shot of him working TTF last weekend at his new lake shack.

K4TJD's new "shack in the woods"

K4RAB PICTURES (click here)

And this is just what we had notes and pictures of.  There was a lot more and the group convened for lunch and the meeting continued for another hour or so. 

NoGa Activities:

1.    Hawk Mountain campout near the Appalachian Trail is this weekend, May 12-13.

2.    The meeting for June will be held at the Atlanta Radio Club Hamfest on June 2nd.  NoGa members will be dominating the forums and will also have an "inside" and an "outside" table with live QRP qso's for the curious.  QSL cards will be availbe for those who complete a 2 way QRP contact at the hamfest.

3.    NoGa Field Day will be the June 24-25 at Dr. Long's farm in Flowery Branch.

4.    The next regular meeting at is on Saturday, July 7th at 10:00 am.  Don't miss a minute.. we will be reporting on FDIM.