North Georgia QRP Club - NoGa

May - 2004 Meeting

The meeting was held at the regular meeting place in Buckhead (Atlanta).  A good turn out in spite of the rain, cold and Birmingham Hamfest.   Thanks to Mike, KO4WX, for being the volunteer moderator for this meeting.  It is a dirty job but someone has to do it... even in a club with "No Rules", "No Dues" and "No Officers"

There were a couple of other photogs at the meeting.  If you will send me your pictures, I will add them to the report.

Pickett, AD4S

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Dick, K2UFT, Robin, AA4RC, Moe, AE4JY, Guy, AF4MN and Phil, K4PQC (behind guy)

Moe, AE4JY, and his "Nerd Beacon" a CW id'er for hamfests.

At the table are: Rick, K4RAB, Wey, K8EAB, Joe, W4JHR and Harold, KE6TI.  Joe is talking about his "teeny weeny, itty bitty" battery charger.

Harold, KE6TI, Jack, K5FSE and Mike, KO4WX.  They are reading Joe's battery charger schematic.  Joe is getting good with his CAD program.

Harold, KE5TI's spectrum analyzer.  It was based on WA6TOY's design but mostly all homebrew.

Really great construction and use of existing junk box parts.

Harold also shows off his FET ultra high impedence RF probe.

Dick, N9SXJ, Jim, K9GKB, Mark, KJ4YM and Russ, AE4NY.  How about that? 2 "9" calls sitting next to each other.

Hugo, KG4ZGW, Jimmy, AE4DT and Dick, K4UFT.  Looks like they are studying for a test..!!

"Matryoshka" was at the meeting... thank's Oleg....!

Russ, AE4NY, shows off his "Hudson 40" transmitter from BD-V.  He also brought in a vintage frequency calibrator.  We think Russ must have been 19 years old when he got this item.

One of the door prizes.  The winner was afraid to open it in a crowded room so we never did find out what it was.

Phil, K4PQC, shows off hit light weight AT Sprint.  Notice he has taken the metal cover off the battery to reduce weight for the Spartan Spring.

Wey, K8EAB, receives a gift certificate from Russ, AE4NY who is the NoGa door prize maven.  HRO  was good enough to provide the certificate.

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