North Georgia QRP Club - NoGa

October 4, 2003 - Wieuca Road Baptist Church Activities Building

We had a fairly good crowd for a football Saturday in the south.   Some new comers joined us and a good time was had by all.  Pickett, AD4S and Mike, KO4WX provided the pictures.  Our special guest was Tony Fishpool, G3WIF, who was in town visiting Mike, KO4WX.  Tony is a member of the QRP-ARCI QRP Hall of Fame.

Sam, AE4GX, was good enough to be the volunteer moderator and began the meeting with a minute of silence in remembrance of recently departed club member, Mike Branca, W3IRZ.  Click HERE to go to the "I remember Mike" page.

I have misplaced the sign up sheet so need some help with the "?'s".

Pickett, AD4S

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Bob, AA4CX, ?, Jimmy, AE4DT, Tony, G3WIF, Mike, KO4WX, Jerry, KD4WVAand Guy, AF4MN (Jimmy is trying to be anonymous)

Guy, AF4MN, Jerry, KD4WVA, Russ, AE4NY, Dick, K2UFT and Matt, WB6BWZ

Sam, AE4GX, Ken, W4DU, Marvin, W2UXG (no one had the call before me), Jim, W4QO, Hugo, KG4ZGW, and Zyg, AF4MP

Sam, AE4GX, Ken, W4DU, Marvin, W4UXG (no one had this call before me), Jim, W4QO and Hugo, ?.

No..!  These are not models for "The Last Supper" painting.

Hugo, KG4ZGW, Zyg, AF4MP, Phil, K4PQC and Pickett, AD4S

Jim, W4QO.. "What in the Heck is Pickett talking about.?"

Pickett, AD4S.. "What in the Heck is Jim talking about.?"

Phil, K4PQC, with his eyes closed reciting the instructions for building this kit verbatim.

Bob, AA4CX, with his example of "ugly construction".  An octal attenuator resistance box.

Dave, N4DJS and Sam, AE4GX.  Sam was showing his marriage of a MFJ tuner and a NoGaWaTT.

Sam's MFJ tuner with the NoGaWaTT attached to the end.

Dave, N4DJS and Sam, AE4GX and Ken, W4DU, showing Ken's expensive kite used to support a semi vertical at the beach.

Dick, K2UFT, Matt, WB6BWZ (behind Dick), Jim, W4QO and Sam, AE4GX.  Note the offering basket.  We have to pay rent but it sure is a great facility.

Tony, G3WIF, Jerry, KD4WVA, Guy, AF4MN, Russ, AE4NY, Dick, K2UFT, Matt, WB6BWZ and Wey, K8EAB.  Mike, KO4WX  brought the 2 cans between Tony and Guy.  They are "Arizona Tea" but I don't think they have anything to do with a "beverage" antenna.

Another shot of Ken's kite.  It is not cheap but Sam says it works like a champ.

Tony, G3WIF and Russ, AE4GX.  Russ is telling Tony about all the gals he knew while he was in England during WW 2.

Tony, Mike, Jerry, Guy and Russ.

Here is the presentation of the HRO gift certificate which is always the feature of the door prize drawings.  Russ, AE4NY, our door prize maven presents to winner Guy, AF4MN.

Zyg, showing off his ignition suppression system.  It really worked and was made from aluminum screen wire and large grounding braid.  He also had special plug wires.  Zyg came to the meeting to pick up an item he had purchased from the AD4OD estate and staid for the meeting.

After the meeting, everyone wanted to see how to get rid of the ignition noise.   It was also a beautiful day to stand around and have an eyeball qso in the parking lot.  A bunch of us went off and had lunch together.

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