North Georgia QRP Club - NoGa

September 2003 Meeting

The monthly meeting of the North Georgia QRP Club was held at the activities building of the Wieuca Baptist Church in Atlanta.  We had a fairly good turn out of about 20 members considering that it was the first college football Saturday of the year.

Pickett, AD4S volunteered to moderate  the meeting (as much as is possible) since he had to get off on time to go to a baby shower for his forthcoming granddaughter. (His oldest granddaughter just graduated from college).

Thanks to Mike, KO4WX, for getting some pictures of the goings on and to our door prize maven, Russ, AE4NY, for scrounging up some great prizes.  We also want to thank Russ for his up to date report on NoGa stalwart, Mike Branca, W3IRZ, who is in the hospital battling cancer.

The next meeting will be at the same time and place on Saturday, October 4th.  (The time is 10:00 am local)

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Pickett, AD4S, volunteer Chancellor of the Exchequer reviewing the club financials and product inventory status.

L/R  Phil, K4PQC, Jack, K5FSE, Jim, W4PDZ and moderator, Pickett, AD4S... smiling because Joe, W4JHR, has acquired parts to kit another 100 NoGaWaTTs.

These back lit shots are tough to get to where you can really see who is in attendance.

Auditorium Seating this month.  L/R - Hugh, KG4ILQ, Jerry, KD4WVA (just the top of his head), Joe W4JHR, Jimmy, AE4DT, (just the back of his head), John, WB4GLJ (all the way from Columbus), Jim, W4QO (on the front row), Marvin, W4UXJ, (I'm the only one to hold this call..) on the back row, Phil, K4PQC, (back on the front row), Jack, K5FSE, and Jim W4PDZ.

L/R - David, KG4UGV, Ken, W4DU, Greg, KD4JVG, Dick, N9SXJ, John, AB44GK, Jim, K9GKB, Russ, AE4NY.

Come on Ken, maybe you will win the HRO gift certificate next month.!!!

Marvin, W4UXJ, brought in the overflow from his ham shack.  (This is just the stuff that fell off the table in the last month).  For those who missed the meeting, there were some really nice things here.  Marvin said he would  will have some more at the next meeting and then will have a donation grab box at the Alford Memorial Hamfest in November with what ever is left over..

Jack, K5FSE.  "That Sounds a Little Far Fetched to Me..!!!!"

Jack is the new Treasurer for QRP-ARCI.  He just joined ARCI in Dayton in May and is already a mover and shaker.

John, AB4GK, went to Shelby and just couldn't pass up this jewel.  It is a handmade vertical iambic paddle made by ??.  It has a rare earth magnet on the top to hold the paddles apart instead of a spring.  It has a very smooth feel.  Maybe we can get John to call the CW net from time to time.

Jack, K5FSE, wins the HRO gift certificate.

Typical after the meeting foraging in Marvin's clean up items.  L/R - Hugh, KG4ILQ, John, WB4GLF, John, AB4GK and Russ, AE4NY.

L/R- Jim, W4PDZ, Jim, W4QO, Jack, K5FSE, Ken, W4DU and behind Ken at the table Greg, KD4JVG and Dick, N9SXJ.

Jack, K5FSE, and Ken, W4DU.  Ken has recently been elected as Vice President of QRP-ARCI.  The people at the table are same as the previous picture.
Just a note on QRP-ARCI.   NoGa is a really small group with a very loose organizational structure (none at all) and yet we have really become a force in this international organization.  Jim, W4QO, is a past President, Ken, W4DU, is a newly elected Vice President, Jack, K5FSE, is the new Treasurer, Mike, KO4WX, is the new QRP Quarterly Editor and Tom, K4TJD, is the Chairman of "Four Days in May-FDIM at the Dayton Hamvention.

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