About the Shepherd Center  Shepherd Center is the nation's largest brain and spine injury hospital. This is the hospital known until 15 years ago as "Shepherd Spinal Center." It has been simply "Shepherd Center" since the addition of brain injury 15 years ago. For a quick video look at us, visit http://www.shepherdTV.org or for our standard website http://www.shepherd.org      
Driving Directions Our main campus is located in Southern Buckhead. Shepherd Center hospital, 2020 Peachtree Road, N.W., Atlanta, GA 30309. (We have two other facilities in Decatur.) We have our own traffic light on Peachtree Road and a large blue and white Shepherd Center sign with a stone/rock base that is one traffic light North of the traffic light at the entrance to Piedmont hospital. We are on the West side of Peachtree Road, the same side of Peachtree as Piedmont hospital. We are a private hospital NOT affiliated with Piedmont hospital. Across Peachtree Road from us are the Darlington Apartments with their famous "Atlanta Population Now" electronic sign.
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Meeting Room

Board Room, First Floor, the Shepherd Building, Shepherd Center hospital, 2020 Peachtree Road, N.W., Atlanta, GA 30309.  We can stay there until 12 Noon.  This room has complete audio-visual equipment, so anyone may bring a USB drive or a CD/DVD to project on a LARGE screen.  If everyone likes using the Board Room.


Please park in the parking deck marked "Shepherd Parking."  Do NOT park in the parked deck marked "Woodruff Parking," as that is for Shepherd Center employees.  Take the elevator to the First Floor and walk across the bridge to the Marcus-Woodruff Building.  Walk to the Security Desk and ask for directions to the Board Room.  All parking is free.  We'll give you a parking token at the security desk on your way out.  The token gets you out of the parking deck for free.

After Glow

After the meeting, we may choose from several dining options.  We may eat lunch together in our Cafeteria on the Ground Floor, or walk through the tunnel near the Board Room, go under Peachtree Road to the several restaurants one block away (including Chick-Fil-A), or take the tunnel to Piedmont hospital to its Snack Bar or go on to the Main Cafeteria.  The Southeastern DX Club meets at Piedmont.  Either our Cafeteria or Piedmont's are my choices because the group can eat together.

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