The NOGAnaut - A Y2K Ready Amateur Radio Transmitter

By Mike Boatright, KO4WX

Copyright ©, 1999, Mike Boatright, KO4WX (Copies may be freely made with attribution)

The NOGAnaut amateur radio transmitter was designed as a "low-tech" approach to ensuring communications channels remain open despite problems encountered due to the Y2K computer bug. It draws milliamperes of power, so just about any source of power from about 9-volts to 15-volts will get you on the air.

Originally introduced as the Micronaut by Dave Ingram, K4TWJ, The North Georgia QRP club has redesigned the circuit to increase power and to set the frequency on the popular QRP net frequency of 3686.4 KHz. This project is, by design, merely a starting place for learning about QRP operations, home brewing and experimentation.

Let us know about your successes (and failures, which in the end, become successes also, because we all learn more from our failures than our successes) by posting a message to the NOGAQRP list (

NOGAnaut Prototype


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