NoGa Compendium Volume 1

NoGa has completed a publication that has 14 of it's best club projects.  These projects include:  

  1. NoGa/Georgia Cracker 80M Transmitter
  2. The NOGAnaut - A Y2K Ready Amateur Radio Transmitter
  3. The NoGaPiG - NoGa Power Indicator/Guard
  4. The PGR80 - A Pretty Good Receiver for 80 Meters
  5. The Georgia Sierra (uses standard frequency crystals)
  6. The NoGaWaTT swr/pwr Meter
  7. W3IRZ 12-volt Regenerative Receiver
  8. Converting the MRX-40 to 80-meters
  9. The NoGa Twin Tube 80
  10. AFA for the Georgia Sierra
  11. The Little Thirty TERD
  12. Revisiting the Resonant Feed-line Dipole
  13. Converting the SMK-1 Transceiver to Superhet
  14. Adding Boots To Your NoGaNaught.
This publication is 117 pages of fun packed information with schematics, pictures, assembly instructions, tips and errata.  It is professionally produced in a bound manual that will lie flat when you are building.

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NoGa/Georgia Cracker 80 Transmitter

This project was originally a "use what you have" project. We have had inquiries as to recommended values for some of the components that were not specifically identified in the article. Here are our recommendations:

    1. Output Transistor - 2N3866, BFQ163, 2N3053, 2SC799 (or any similar).
    2. Zener Diode - 1N475A 39v originally but anything from 33-39 will do. ½ or 1 watt.
    3. Variable cap C3 - Anything from 200 pf to 400 pf will do.
    4. Keying transistor -A 2N4036 is shown (not clearly) and the 2N3906 and 2N4403 (or similar) will work fine. This is just a keying circuit so not critical.
    5. Wire sizes - On transformer and filter inductor. Not critical but the article does call for #26 on L1 and L2 (tuned by the variable cap c#) and #22 on L3. Other sizes in this area will work with slightly different results.

This page updated 10/21/2011