North Georgia QRP Club - NoGa

Sci-Trek K2 Project

April 2002

NoGa along with the Atlanta Radio Club recently presented the hands on science museum, Sci-Trek, in downtown Atlanta with a brand new, complete Elecraft K2 transceiver.  Elecraft also graciously helped us with this project .

NoGa has been looking for a lasting and productive project to apply their excess kit funds to and Pickett, AD4S, proposed this project and arranged for the component acquisition and building/installation completion.

NoGaNaught, Joe, W4JHR, volunteered to build the basic K2 and coordinate the installation of the optional components.  Joe also built the SSB option.  Assisting in the option building from NoGa were Guy, AF4MN, who built the antenna tuner and Tim, WD8DRM, built the audio filter.  David, KG4LSK, from ARC built the noise blanker. 

The construction work was of the highest caliber and everything worked the first time it was powered up. 

The Sci-Trek Amateur Radio Station (STARS) has it's own call sign; W4WOW.  Click here to go to the Sci-Trek web site and look for the STARS link on the bottom of the "Permanent Exhibits" page.

Click on the small picture to get the "big picture"


Joe, W4JHR, getting ready to install the final options.

Joe in the component removal stage of the noise blanker install.

Joe solder wicking a capacitor that has to come out.

Joe reading instructions on the alignment of the audio filter.  On the right is David, KG4LSK, who built the noise blanker.

An engraved plaque was put under the front speaker screws so that so damage was done to the K2 case.

This is the official presentation.  L/R are Doug, STARS Station Manager, Jim, W4QO, guiding light of the entire STARS project who received the K2 on behalf of STARS.   Making the presentation are Penn, K4PE, President of ARC, and NoGaNaughts, Joe, W4JHR who did all of the hard building work and Pickett, AD4S, who initiated and coordinated the project.

Pickett, AD4S, explains to Doug, KT4XF that you really can work SSB at 5 watts.

<========== In the previous frame you can see just behind the K2 the famous NoGa K2 Contractor Lunch Bag case that was presented with the K2.  Also presented were a small power supply, a microphone and a tiny CW paddle.

This shot and the next 2 were taken for use in a STARS qsl card.

This station is equipped and maintained by a number of Atlanta's great and dedicated hams.   The equipment includes a TS-940, FT990 (and now K2) HF transceivers. 

There are a number of VHF and UHF rigs here.  Numerous antennas are available including yagis, dipoles and verticals.  The station has many digital modes available including ARPS, PSK31, Packet and RTTY.

Both NoGa and ARC man the STARS station at least once each month on Saturdays to give demonstrations.  A large inventory of old amateur radio magazines is kept on hand to give to really interested visitors.