North Georgia QRP Club - NoGa

QSL Cards

A number of NoGaNaughts have developed easy to use qsl cards including eyeball cards.  Initial efforts have been confined to MS WORD (™).  If a specific version of WORD (™) was used (or known) it will be indicated.  It appears that the W4JHR and K8EAB cards were produced with WORD 2000.  A club card is included in the QSLMaker format.

If you would like to add your cards for use by other NoGaNaughts, just send them to me and indicate what program was used to produce them.

Thanks,   Pickett, AD4S


K8EAB QSL #1 K8EAB QSL #2 (3 mb) W4JHR QSL W4JHR eyeball
AD4S QSL (97) AD4S eyeball (97) AE4NY eyeball (97)

QSLMaker (Thanks to John, WB8RCR) - If you need QSLMaker, click HERE to download.

NoGa Club QSL (self extracting zip file with background .bmp)