NOGA QRP Run For the Kudzu, October 2 1999

By Mike Boatright, KO4WX

Who said we couldn't top the fun we had at the Atlanta HamFest? Wow! Georgeous day! Great turnout! Great Contest! The first annual NOGA QRP Club Run for the Kudzu was a SUCCESS! A great big round of "THANKS!" go out to Pickett, AD4S, our host for the event.
NOGA QRP Run for the Kudzu
The day marked an important milestone for NOGA QRP. The final pre-production prototype of the new NoGaPiG ("North Georiga Power Indicator/Guard") was on display. The formal announcement of the NOGAPiG is in this quarter's issue of the QRP ARCI QRP Quarterly. The NoGaPiG is a simple, but very effective QRP accessory which provides overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, low voltage indication, and revers voltage protection. It even includes bonus space on the PC board to install a TICK/EL keyer plus a Hiss Filter!

The NoGaPiG represents the NOGA QRP Club's first mainstream, production effort. The boards are being professionally manufactured by FAR Circuits, and availability of the kit will be announced soon!



AE4GX loading the flagpole Sam, AE4GX, made a valiant attempt to win "Most Unusual Antenna," by loading up the flagpole. He even worked California on 15M! But his effort was defeated by Phil, K4QPC, with his "Bamboo Curtain." Sam did win three categories (first contact, first out of state contact and most SSB contacts). Congratulations to both! K4PQC and his "Bamboo Curtain"
NOGA QRP Run for the Kudzu

Meeting Photos

Contest Photos

It was a super turnout, including our newest member, Randy, KF4UMT!

Randy N4SX
Pickett AD4S
Chuck AF4PP
Mike W3IRZ
Russ AE4NY
Jim W4QO
Phil K4PQC
Bob W4ED
Randy KF4UMT
Mike KO4WX

Thanks for making this a great meeting. Hope to see you before the next meeting in Dec. Please try the 2 mtr and 80 nets on Tuesday nights check the web page for details.

Meeting Photos
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