NoGa - North Georgia QRP Club

Run for the Kudzu

October 11, 2003

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This year's event will again be held at Lake Lanier.  If you need directions and information on the venue, contact Pickett, AD4S or Tom, K4TJD

The rules are patterned after NorCal's famous event "Run for the Pines".  The rules are a little different due to the venue.


1.  Demonstrate that you can carry everything that you will use for your operations.  This incudes tables, chairs, rigs, power, antennas, keyers, tuners, etc.

2.  Set up prior to start time is permitted.

3.  Operations will start at 11:00 am local time and last for 2 hours until 1:00 pm local time.  (We will ring a farm bell to signal the start and stop of operations).

4.  Operations are permitted on all modes and all bands.

Following the operation period it will be time for lunch.  NoGa will provide grills and charcoal.  Participants will provide their own food and beverage.

After lunch (at about 2:00 pm local time) will be awards time.  While some awards are the same at each event, we try to have something new every year.  We are interested in interesting stations, interesting antennas, really small rigs, DX, most contacts, first contact following the start time and anything else that would distinquish a particular NoGaNaught's operating activity.  If a "lowest weight equipment" award is made, the rules will be the same as the Spartan Sprint.

We ask participants who have something that they would like to contribute to bring something for a door prize.