North Georgia QRP Club - NoGa

QRP To The Field (QRPTTF) - 2003

Ghost Town/Nobody Home

NQ4RP - Multi Op

Five of NoGa's finest operated this year's event.  Using documentation from David Coughlin's book "The History of Lake Lanier", we found the location of the old Dunlap Dam and Power House which are now more than 90 feet below the surface of the lake and operated within about 50 yards of that location.  Click here for a map of our location.

Leaving from the Athens Boat Club on the north west shore of Lake Lanier in Dawson County, Pickett, AD4S, Matt, WB6BWZ, joined Tom, K4TJD for a ride down the lake in Tom's pontoon boat (NoGaBoaT).  John, AB4GK, and Greg, KD4JVG, joined us later by driving down to the War Hill Park recreation area and hiking over a big hill to get to where we were docked.  Click here for more information on Lake Lanier.

The bands were not in good shape and the qrn was awful and we just had a wonderful time.  Unfortunately Matt, WB6BWZ was the photographer and we didn't get any pictures of him.  We operated for about 5 1/2 hours and when the sun started going down and the wind started up we started for home.

The highlight of my day was having NoGaNaught, Wey, K8EAB, return my CQ TTF from West Virginia where he was visiting his parents.  Wey was also running 5 watts with his K2.  Click here to see some of Wey's pictures.

Thanks to the NORCAL QRP Club for another great event and what a great theme.  Can't wait until next year to see what you come up with.  Click here for more information on this event.

Pickett, AD4S     (the background color for this page was chosen to give you an idea of what the water really looked like) I will get a map of where we were and a picture of the old dam and power house as soon as I can get them scanned.

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Captain Tom.  "This looks like a good place.  The sun will be behind the trees this afternoon"

"The fish finder says we passed over the dam about 50 yards back"

"Did you say clove hitch, granny knot, half hitch or bowline..?"

"I know this tree isn't all that big Tom but the wind isn't blowing that hard"

"I'm sure I told my daughters to neatly coil this rope the last time we were out..!"

"Hey Pickett; what does poison oak look like".  "Hey Tom; do you think this rope is big enough..?"

"Let's try these bigger trees, I think the wind is coming up."

"I was a Boy Scout over 50 years ago and no one had a boat.. so what kind of a knot do I use..?"

"No problem Tom, but I always paint my sinkers yellow"

"That's not the K2 bag Tom, that's my lunch"

Typical NoGa instrumentation..!

Always expensive, high precision equipment.

"Alright, if we point this semi vertical, long wire toward the north we will have good propagation to both coasts.."

"If I lean out a little more... WHOOPSIE..!"

"I know it is up there Tom, but if the sinker were painted yellow I might be able to see it..."

"Wiggle it again Tom, I think it is hung up on that hornet nest.."

Tom's K2 and laptop for dup checking. 

"Tom, K4TJD...Let's see.. what is the exchange for this event..??"

"I know it weights 58 pounds but I thought we were going to have 4 or 5 stations and they could all run off this battery.."

Pickett, AD4S, doing one of his favorite things.. calling CQ with the memory buttons..!

L/R.. Tom, K4TJD, Pickett, AD4S, John, AB4GK.

"Waddya mean my 40 meter harmonic is killing 20 meters..?"

Let's see.. how do you set up the "fast play" buttons..??

This was the back up site.. an abandoned girl scout camp.

John, AB4GK.  "Wow, I can't believe this rig.. can't wait until I finish my K2".

Greg, KD4JVG, putting them in the log..!  Greg brought his scuba gear to look for the power house but the hike from the parking lot, wind, water temperature and opaque water color  were too much.

Time to go. " I think that big insulator on the end of the wire is hung up on that hornet nest again.  Why is that wire hanging in the water..?"

"Now that you have recovered the wire, would you come back and get me..???"

"Let's get out of here before the Park Rangers see all these beer bottles."

"I'm not mad, I'm cold.."  I know the girl scout camp was in there somewhere..!"

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