North Georgia QRP Club - NoGa

February 7, 2004 Meeting

We had a great turn out for a really cold day in Atlanta.   It actually snowed during the meeting. (but not much).  We had some new members including one from Michigan.  Our true, blue member from Columbus was with us also; John, WB4GLJ.  That's a heck of a ride just to go to a QRP meeting.  We were treated to piano music by Ken, WA8REI and we a have 30 second clip of his performance.  This is a 2 mb .wmv video file.  Click Here to see and hear Ken.

One of the club's operating activities was held after the meeting.  Click Here to see the FYBO-2004 page.

Ed, N4XY, "Mr. GDO" with a British GDO.  Typical, the off position of the on/off switch was up.  You know they drive on the wrong side of the road also.

Russ, AE4NY, had his new "resistive???" keyer from Jackson Harbor Press.   He was using the TICK keyer in his NoGaPiG.  He must use it a lot based on the looks of it.

Norm, WA4ZXV, with his AZ ScQRPions paddles.  We used them later at FYBO.  Norm and Jim, AE4DT are working on some engineering changes to make the levers a little more stable.

Russ, AE4NY, with his 80th birthday present from Mike, KO4WX... a twin tube 80.   It's in the NoGa Compendium.. check it out.

Dick, N9SXJ, from Lawrenceville.  One of our newer members.

Ed, N4XY, and another strange GDO.

Ken , WA8REI, stopped by on his way to Florida.  Ken checks into the NoGa CW net from Michigan from time to time.  It was 38 degrees F. outside but he had on short sleeves.  brrrrrrr.

John, WB4GLJ, from Columbus shows off his punch set used to make Manhattan style solder pads.

John, AB4GK, shows off his KX1 packaging and battery setup.  He stuck the 2 batteries end to end so they would fit in the pack he had for the rig.  It all fits on the belt very nicely.

Ken, WA8REI, shows off his version of a "Flying Pig".

Ken, WA8REI, also entertained us with his piano rendition of "Across the Wide Missouri".  He wants someone to write words to it and make it the NoGa Anthem.

Click here for a 30 second video of Ken at work.

Phil, K4PQC, and his 3rd place finish in the "Skinny" division of a recent Spartan Sprint.

Phil with the winning rig.. I think it was a AT-Sprint.

Marcel, W5BJV, another new member from ARC.  He likes to build surface mount electronics.  Good that Ed, N4XY, had his homebrew SMT hold down tool to demonstrate.

Oleg Borodin, RV3GM, our friend in Lipetsk, Russia sent the club some gifts to help us remember his appreciation of our help in getting his QRP club a K2.  The doll is "Matryoshka" and Oleg asked that we display her at every meeting.  The hand made spoons were nice also.

Mike, KO4WX and his 40 meter DC receiver using the K2's KAF2 which was a spare after he installed the KDSP2.

This is the prototype 40 meter VFO transmitter for Build Day V.  Steve, AA4BW is at it again.

L/R on the back row: Marcel, W5BJV, Phil, K4PQC, Bob, WK2Y and Paul, KI4CBI.   On the front row: Dick, K9SXJ, Jimmy, AE4DT, John, WB4GLJ, John, AB4GK, Norm, WA4ZXV, Jim, W4PDZ and Ken, WA8REI.

L/R Ken, W4DU, Dave, N4DJS, Mike, KO4WX, Steve, AA4BW, Russ, AE4NY, Jim, K9GKB, Marvin, W4UXJ (no one else has ever held that call) and Ed, N4XY.  Check out Ken, Dave, Mike and Marvin.  Maybe Ed needs to spice up his presentations a little.

Two more new members from ARC: Bob, WK2Y and Paul, KI4CBI.  They will fit right in with our easy going atmosphere.

Ed, N4XY, and what appears to be a home made GDO.  The nomenclature was in English and Ed thinks it was built on board a ship.  Mighty fine work.

Ed, N4XY, demonstrates his home built SMT hold down "thingy" and a kluge board with internal connections.