NoGaPiG Kit Information

The NoGaPiG kit contains the PC board, all PCB mounted parts. All you need to do to complete your PiG is to add a SPST (N.O.) push button switch for testing that the fuse and battery are operational. Low Voltage detection is automatic and does not require the external switch.

The PC board is about 1.5 inch by 2.5 inches and the PIG only occupies about 1/3 of the space. To enhance the usability of this unit with simple QRP rigs, two additional sections are included on the PC board. These two sections contain a drop-in capability for using the popular 8-pin "PIC" keyer chips and a passive AF and Hiss filter for headphone enhancement.

Parts included are for the PiG only. The mounting and enclosure are user determined. Our prototypes have been mounted in ALTOIDs boxes. FAR Circuits has produced the boards for NoGa and they (boards only) are available from FAR directly.

This is the QRP accessory reviewed in QST, World Radio and QRP Quarterly.

Pricing and Ordering Info

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NoGaPiG Construction Manual, Version 2.2